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The Sacrifice

A very original take on the episode from the book. This artist has a great underground style straight out of a 1990s zine.

Narnia Nightmare

Not all depictions of Narnia are positive. It is a scary place in a lot of ways — there’s an evil witch who turns innocent creatures to stone, a trusted friend betrays a child, and another child betrays his siblings, out of spite no less. The know-it-all hero — the Gandalf, if you will — …

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Skull covered in Swarovsky crystals

A Real Life Mecha

This primitive mecha was designed for the US Air Force in the early 1960s to service the nuclear-powered bombers which were then on the drawing board. Needless to say, the nuclear bomber program was cancelled and these monstrosities were not needed after all. Today such work would be done remotely and without a human operator. …

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Lost Robot

This eerie, sad-looking robot was designed by NASA in the early 1960s to test the viability of space suits for astronauts. Sadly, it was a failure and never used. But it’s Atompunk design at its most authentic.  

Worldbuilding Wednesday 5/5/21: The Best of Twittersnips
xxxx(B-Movie Madness)

I have to admit this old poster is pretty creepy, not because of the flying brain with its two beady eyes, but the Satanic face of the child with its filed, oddly spaced teeth. At least, I think it’s a child. Old, schlocky, crowd-pleasing, over-the-top movies are a special interest of mine, which is why …

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. What do you call the fear of large libraries?        

A Devilishly Good Pizza

Fresh from Satan’s oven. (Cover art for The Bad Samaritan by Robert Barnard)


These candy-colored lollipop skeletons would make any human drool. (Artwork by Jason Limon)  

Just Passing Through

Never mind me, just passing through.