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Apr 23

Daring and Delicacy

Follow you heart, or use your mind? To balance both requires daring and delicacy.

Apr 16


I know it’s only a cheap comic, but isn’t it creepy?

Apr 09

Something’s Fishy

Pun, trifle,Lovecraftian horror, or fine art? You decide.   (The Water, 1563-64, by Giuseppe Arcimbaldo)

Apr 02

Uncanny Valley

The Geisha robot came too close to the Uncanny Valley for most patrons to be comfortable with.   (Art by Nick Keller)

Feb 26

The Cradle Will Rock

…into the depths of the sea. (The Inundation of the Beisboch in 1421, by Lawrence Alma-Tadema)  

Feb 19

The Mouse

What is more horrifying to see… a dead mouse, or one so obviously transformed by genetic manipulation?   (Art by Monique Goosens)

Feb 12

Her Ritual

bizarre face mask

The ritual was about to begin. She masked herself accordingly.  

Feb 01


Teratoma: A tumor consisting of different types of tissue, as of skin, hair, and muscle caused by the development of independent germ cells. Teratomas are most common in the ovaries or testes.   Some artists also see these medical anomalies as things of beauty, humor, or social commentary.   Teratoma Tumor necklace pendant charm by …

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Jan 29


It’s hard to believe. but these nightmarish characters were the first version of the lovable Michelin Tire Man.

Jan 22


Let’s puzzle this one out, shall we?  

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