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Feb 19

The Mouse

What is more horrifying to see… a dead mouse, or one so obviously transformed by genetic manipulation?   (Art by Monique Goosens)

Feb 12

Her Ritual

bizarre face mask

The ritual was about to begin. She masked herself accordingly.  

Feb 01


Teratoma: A tumor consisting of different types of tissue, as of skin, hair, and muscle caused by the development of independent germ cells. Teratomas are most common in the ovaries or testes.   Some artists also see these medical anomalies as things of beauty, humor, or social commentary.   Teratoma Tumor necklace pendant charm by …

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Jan 29


It’s hard to believe. but these nightmarish characters were the first version of the lovable Michelin Tire Man.

Jan 22


Let’s puzzle this one out, shall we?  

Jan 15

Well Packed

Because Soylent Green is PEOPLE!   (Art by Dongwook Lee)

Jan 08

Snake Eyes

She took the term “snake eyes” too literally at the gambling den.   (Art by Alex Gross)

Jan 01

Black Queen VII

Black queen and child

She was renowned for her love of children, though that love had sinister qualities.   (Artwork by Vania Zouravliov)  

Dec 27

Published in Cadaverous Magazine

    My nanofic story “Garden Time” can be read in this issue of Cadaverous Magazine. At six words it will take you all of one second to read it. (Nanofic is what I call a story under 10 words, as opposed to microfic, which is under 50, and flash fiction, under 500)

Dec 18


Eye will always speak the truth to you.    

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