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Worldbuilding Wednesday 1/19/22: The Best of Twittersnips
xxxx(Playing in Another’s Sandbox)

Very occasionally over the past years I’ve stepped out and created random characters for existing media —  books, movies, or even toy lines. Here’s a selection.   Franchise and fanfic characters Middle Earth (J. R. R. Tolkien) Smerri Peachlake, Nol Bluffbuggin, Gosti Threeclasp (Hobbits) Yevenglazar, a giant spider Prince Thrindhöil Gandian Graymurgh, a wizard Islands …

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Water Pug

pug crossed with a manatee

What do you call a pug crossed with a manatee? A Pugong, of course!  

Worldbuilding Wednesday 1/12/22: Mermaids

Mermaids are one of those mythological creatures everyone thinks they know everything about, yet no one knows anything about. To begin with, in spite of a certain mockumentary, they are not real. I repeat, mermaids are NOT REAL. Any sitings purported to be mermaids in ancient sailor’s tales and the like are probably of sea …

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Go back! Go back!

This looks like a horrific clip from Terry Gilliam’s dystopian spoof movie Brazil, but it’s a photo of actual Chinese firefighters wearing special chemical-resistant suits.  

Worldbuilding Wednesday 1/5/22: Ladies of Arthurian

The women of King Arthur’s Court did not go on grand quests like the men did, but for their comparatively fewer numbers, they were big big drivers of the plots. In the most familiar version of the Camelot story, Guinevere cheats on Arthur with Sir Lancelot, creating a major conflict; likewise, Morgan le Fay, Arthur’s …

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Worldbuilding Wednesday 12/29/21: Twittersnips 2021
xxxx(Spells and Magic Items)

This year, I structured my worldbuilding tweets differently. I stuck to spells and magical items for fantasy gaming, and the response was good. The magic ranged from the practical and logical (Amulet of the Whippet) to the elaborate (Curse of the Necromancer’s Feet) to the flagrantly useless (Sunshine’s Color-Changing Plum). Here’s the complete list.   …

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Merry Christmas!

Worldbuilding Wednesday 12/22/21: The Best of
xxxxTwittersnips (Christmas)

  I love randomizing Christmas things. Carols, scented candles, and various mascots (Rudolph, et. al) are all open to various possibilities. Here’s a list of the ones I posted on Twitter 2019 – 2020. Oh, and if someone can point me to where I can buy Joyce the Three-Nosed Doll, let me know!   A …

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Hurray for Mrs. Claus

Mrs. Claus is a second-string character in the annual Christmas story, behind Santa himself, his elves, and his reindeer. She is usually depicted as elderly, smiling dispenser of cookies. Except when she’s not. In the pic above she’s a vicious ax murderer (in advertising art for the Christmas horror flick Mrs. Claus) while below, she’s …

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Worldbuilding Wednesday 12/15/21: Knights of the
xxxxRound Table

Like the origin and location of Camelot, the number and names of The Knights of the Round Table varied with who was telling the story. Some writers went with a dozen, others, a cast of hundreds. All of them came with their own extensive backstory, sometimes featuring each other as cousins, sons, lieges, or squires, …

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