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Erotica, fantasy, and horror writer.

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Apr 25

Worldbuilding Wednesday 4/26/18: Pern

BRREEeeeeeee! I’m never wearing clothes — or seatbelts — again!   Anne McCaffrey wrote a long-running series of books about the backward planet of Pern and its giant, telepathic dragons used to combat “thread” – an invasive space spore that filtered down from an adjacent orbiting body — by burning from the air with their …

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Apr 24

Albert Nobbs [Reading Challenge 2018]

Albert Nobbs by George Moore Waitingstar Publishing, New York, 2011   [Challenge # 38: A book made into a major motion picture] Finished Albert Nobbs, a book that kept me guessing until the end. I’ve wanted to read it for a while, since I’ve always liked books with gender bending, or obscurely gendered, protagonists. I …

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Apr 23

Daring and Delicacy

Follow you heart, or use your mind? To balance both requires daring and delicacy.

Apr 18

Antiques Swap [Reading Challenge 2018]

Antiques Swap, by Barbara ALlen

Antiques Swap by Barbara Allen Kensington Books, New York  2016   [Challenge # 48: A mystery] I never was much of a mystery reader. I did enjoy a good Nancy Drew back in the day, but post-grade school, I’ve been pretty meh on the genre. I’m not sure why. My mother was an avid fan, …

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Apr 18

Worldbuilding Wednesday 4/18/18: Superheroes

Thor looks disgruntled here (or maybe pleased? It’s hard to tell) but many other superheroes would be happy to take a break from their regular rounds of protecting the innocent. Maybe even some of these randomly generated ones. (Jules Feiffer’s The Great Comic Book Heroes remains the best introduction I’ve read to the history of …

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Apr 16


I know it’s only a cheap comic, but isn’t it creepy?

Apr 11

Worldbuilding Wednesday 4/11/18: Cursed Magic Items

The mimic, an insidious Dungeons and Dragons monster that disguises itself as a treasure chest.   Sometimes a dungeon master, or an author or game writer, wants to toy with their characters. Not in a life-ending way, but just to vex them a little. The following items do just that. Cursed Magic Items Spoon of …

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Apr 09

Something’s Fishy

Pun, trifle,Lovecraftian horror, or fine art? You decide.   (The Water, 1563-64, by Giuseppe Arcimbaldo)

Apr 07

City of Fortune: How Venice Ruled the Seas [Reading Challenge 2018]

City of Fortune: How Venice Ruled the Seas by Roger Crowley Random House Trade Paperbacks, New York 2013   [Challenge # 3: A book taking place mostly or all on the water] I was a little concerned that City of Fortune, which was a history of the city of Venice between the 11th and 16th …

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Apr 05

A Medieval Feast

  Next were borne round dishes of carp, pilchards, and lobsters, and there after store enew of meats: a fat kid roasted whole and garnished peas on a spacious silver charger, kid pasties, plates of meat’s tongues and sweetbreads, sucking rabbits in jellies, hedgehogs baked in their skins, hogs’ haslets, carbonadoes, chitterlings, and dormouse pies. …

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