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Erotica, fantasy, and horror writer.

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Aug 21

Our Trash Will Eat Us

…eventually. All things take time. (artwork by Phil McDermott)

Aug 16

Worldbuilding Wednesday 8/16/17

Dragon Names No other creature is as evocative of the contemporary fantasy genre as the dragon. They combine snakes, lizards, dinosaurs, large mammalian predators, and human intellects into one massive, armored, fire-breathing package. (Their drives, however, are their own.) The current version of the dragon dates from within the last 100 years. Tolkien gave us …

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Aug 14

Sea Monster

The last thing the oceanographer saw.

Aug 09

Worldbuilding Wednesday, 8/9/17

Fantasy organizations are not limited to the grandiose and world-shaking. Scores of bureaucratic organizations run silently beneath the surface, serving to frustrate and stymie your characters in pursuit of their goals. Terry Pratchett, Franz Kafka, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Stanislaw Lem, and J. K. Rowling all used them to good effect. Often they also serve as …

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Aug 07


laughing mannequins full of evil

They are laughing at you always. And they never stop.

Aug 02

Worldbuilding Wednesday, 8/2/17

The Granddaddy of all Fantasy fiction tropes must surely be the Medieval Inn, with its open hearths and wenches in low-cut bodices, unsavory characters lurking about, and bowls of hot stew. (No less a luminary than Tolkien created the seminal template with The Prancing Pony.) In truth, inns served a vital function in the Medieval/Renaissance …

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Jul 31

Black Queen III

The Black Queen’s personal life was full of misery, which was odd for such a powerful figure. Sad to say, she wasn’t above taking it out on her slaves. (Misery by FrankT on DeviantArt)

Jul 26

Worldbuilding Wednesday, 7/26/17

Secret and Arcane Societies   Secret societies are a mainstay in popular fiction. (Just look at Dan Brown.) In fantasy and science fiction, we have the Bene Gesserit, The Dharma Initiative, The Talamasca, The Sith. In mundane life, there are many, from the sinister to the accepted. Freemasons are one. But there’s also Aleister Crowley’s …

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Jul 25

Dungeon Quest [Review]

Dungeon Quest Fantagraphics (May 26, 2010) by Joe Daly   As I often do, I picked up this graphic novel at random. The name intrigued me, as it implied AD&D gaming sessions, and also the figurine on the cover, which did not fit the name at all. It seemed more Pre-Columbian, Toltec maybe, except for …

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Jul 24

Seeming Perfection

A crazed artist vented her rage at the mannequin’s seeming perfection. Shortly she moved on to human subjects.

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