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Erotica, fantasy, and horror writer.

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Feb 21

Worldbuilding Wednesday 2/21/18: Birds

Astranci by Caelicorn on deviantART

Astranci, by Caelicorn   It’s pretty easy to name a new species of bird. Their beaks and tails adhere to certain shapes, and body parts such as eyes, breasts, and wings share certain features also. Their habitats name them, as well as their food, calls, and mating behavior. So if you want some fictional avian …

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Feb 19

The Mouse

What is more horrifying to see… a dead mouse, or one so obviously transformed by genetic manipulation?   (Art by Monique Goosens)

Feb 14

Worldbuilding Wednesday 2/14/18: Great Romances

Guinevere’s getting ideas   Sometimes, when writing fantasy SF, or some mixture of both skewed sideways and viewed through a mirror, a writer likes to be clever and insert some obviously intentional fictional replacement for a real-world person, place, or thing. For example, Poppy Z. Brite’s novella Plastic Jesus was about a 1960s rock band …

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Feb 12

Her Ritual

bizarre face mask

The ritual was about to begin. She masked herself accordingly.  

Feb 10

New story in Beautiful Lies, Painful Truths II anthology

My short fantasy story “The Unchosen” is featured in this anthology from Left Hand Publishers, under my other writing name of Trece Angulo. You can buy it here from “The Unchosen” was a story I had been planning to write for ages. Like many writers of my generation, I’d been entranced by Anne McCaffrey’s …

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Feb 09

The Dinosaur Lords [Review]

The Dinosaur Lords by Victor Milán Tor Fantasy, New York, 2016   I bought this book for my cousin, thinking it was grimdark fantasy by the cover, perhaps set in some He-man barbarian milieu like Robert Adams’s Horseclans novels, but with dinos as the mounts. Before I sent to her, I thought I’d read it …

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Feb 07

Worldbuilding Wednesday 2/7/18: Let’s Talk About Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth I of England

Elizabeth the I: Powerful and regal.   Elizabeth remains one of the more popular girls’ name in the USA. The name originated from the Hebrew Elisheva or Elisheba, translated into Greek as Elisabet. In its classic English form, Elizabeth,  is classic, stately, and elegant. Derivations include the popular Isabel, Elise, and Bella; there are also …

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Feb 05


What really lies under the upholstery? Have you checked?   (Art by Cao Hui)  

Feb 03

Why I Hate Smirk

I don’t often post about the craft of writing because there are other writers out there who can say what needs to be said far better than I can; plus, I consider this blog a quirky entertainment, and I feel didactical posts don’t fit in very well with that. Plus, it’s preaching to the choir… …

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Feb 01


Teratoma: A tumor consisting of different types of tissue, as of skin, hair, and muscle caused by the development of independent germ cells. Teratomas are most common in the ovaries or testes.   Some artists also see these medical anomalies as things of beauty, humor, or social commentary.   Teratoma Tumor necklace pendant charm by …

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