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Foot Fetish

’nuff said.

Worldbuilding Wednesday 12/12/18: Water Parks

This places looks like the stuff of fantasy, but it’s 100% real. Water parks got their start in the 1970s, 1977 to be exact, with the opening of Wet n’ Wild in Orlando, Florida.  From the beginning it boasted a lazy river and a pool with an artificial wave generator and served as the template …

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The Hermitess

She searches… but for what? This picture has enough stylistic similarities to Rapunzel and Speak no Evil that I suspect they’re all by the same artist (whose name I could not find, alas). Three morally ambiguous ladies.

Worldbuilding Wednesday 12/5/18: Atlantis

Everyone knows about Atlantis, right? In popular culture, it’s most often Grecian, a place sunk by some cataclysm to the bottom of the sea. People may or may not still live in it. Often it’s inside a dome, and just as often, the Greek-like culture is an advanced one powered by crystals with rayguns and …

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Speak no Evil

When the Princess spoke kindly, pearls and roses would drop from her lips. But when she cursed, fowl serpents emerged. As she was a lover of salty language, the palace was soon full of snakes. But the Princess didn’t mind. She also had a yen for snakeskin.

Worldbuilding Wednesday 11/28/18: YA Novels

Why write a whole YA book when you can query by title alone? Feel free to nab any of these. Evocative YA Titles The First and Darkest Throne Above Clouds of Illusion A Pure Sea of Dragons Haunted Breath Godsmoke Unlike Promises of Glass The Fangling Starflame A Mortal Yet Heavenly Prince Among the Gold …

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She let down her hair. Look at what she caught!

Worldbuilding Wednesday 11/21/18: Archaic Clothing

Knickerbockers, tam o’ shanters, farthingales, liripipes… who wears these things anymore? But even if we  don’t, we remember them because of their odd and lyrical names. Here’s a list of more you probably haven’t heard of (because I randomgenned them up) but will remember once you hear them. So will readers and campaigners. Use at …

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An Alien’s Truth

A piece of street art in Brazil. You dig?

The Circle

I saw her at the edge of the cliff, dancing with her arms extended, fingers grasped, to form a perfect ring. “What are you doing?” I said. “I’m dancing with my husband before I join him on the bottom.”