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Zepped Again! (Part II)

Once you start looking for Led Zep references, you find that there’s no shortage of how the band’s visual iconography spawned homage over the years. Take this logo for a vanity record label created by jokester Les Claypool of the American band Primus. For comparison, LZ’s iconic “Icarus” logo, with its Art Nouveau typeface, is …

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Zepped Again! (Part I)

Here’s another topic carried over from last year’s Led Zeppelin May, which I wanted to get to then, but didn’t: the band’s influence on popular culture over the years. First, take this quartet of demon-like monsters from the manga and later anime Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. The four are named, respectively, Page, Jones, Plant, and Bornnam …

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Worldbuilding Wednesday 5/22/24: Led Zeppelin Magic

I had such a fun time doing Zeppedee-doo-dah May last year that I thought I’d revisit it. There were a number of items I had wanted to post back then but found the month ended way too soon. This pun-filled list of spells and magic items was one of them.   Led Zeppelin Spells and …

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An ASFR Tidbit

I haven’t been posting much ASFR content on here lately, but I’m pretty pleased by this happy accident of a Midjourney prompt, which was for a futuristic London subway, but came out… skewed sideways as often happens. Female wrongdoers were placed into transportation sarcophagi for their journey to the processing facilities. Such displays acted as …

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Worldbuilding Wednesday 5/15/24: Let’s Talk About the Milky Way (Part 4)

There are interpretations of the Milky Way other than the arms of a distant galaxy. The Milky Way candy bar, invented in 1923 in Minneapolis, is still going strong domestically and globally. Its inventor was one Frank Mars, who gave his name to — you guessed it — the Mars Bar. You’d think he chose …

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Worldbuilding Wednesday 5/8/24: Let’s Talk About the Milky Way (Part 3)

The Greeks weren’t the only ones to create origin stories for the Milky Way. Centuries before them, the Babylonians had their own version: it was the tail of Tiamat, the dragon/serpent goddess of primordial chaos, placed there after her defeat by the god Marduk. Likely the first version of the chaos vs. order megamyth, not …

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Worldbuilding Wednesday 5/1/24: Let’s Talk About the Milky Way (Part 2)

The painting above, by Peter Paul Rubens, offers a different take on the Milky Way’s origins. I like it a lot better than Tintoretto’s which appeared last week. For one thing, it feels more real. There’s a story being told as your eye travels from element to element in the painting. But it’s not the …

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Worldbuilding Wednesday 4/24/24: Let’s Talk About the Milky Way (Part 1)

The Milky Way¬† takes its name from a Greek myth about Heracles (Hercules in Roman myth) the son of Zeus and the mortal woman Alcmene. His mother, fearing the wrath of Hera, Zeus’s jealous wife, abandoned Heracles in the woods. But the infant was rescued by Athena, the goddess of wisdom and warcraft. Not being …

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Worldbuilding Wednesday 4/17/24: The Best of Twittersnips (Horror and Halloween)

Oh, the horrors! Here’s a selection from Twitternaps of the past. All meant in fun of course.   Horror and Halloween Horror movies The Reptiloid Slayer The Island of Medusa Echoes of the Silence Attack of the Giant Centipede Mark of the Zombie Lake of a Thousand Lunatics Blade of the Werewolf Queen Horror movie …

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Passing Obsessions 4-24

Rock band Wet Leg. There’s a new ai art engine called that uses “responsively sourced” image references. Hamsters, and iPad games featuring hamsters. This one’s gonna hang around for a while. I missed the Squid Game train, but there are dozens of hamsters on YouTube playing rodent versions, which is more entertaining. Quiet on …

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