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Erotica, fantasy, and horror writer.

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Jun 26

The Little Merfish

The Little Mermaid received quite a surprise when she tried to return to the sea. (Strange how horrific a mythological creature becomes when its parts are reversed.)

Jun 21

Worldbuilding Wednesday, 6/21/17

Continuing on my theme of randomly-generated magic spells items, let’s look at wizards and magic users in fantasy fiction. There are many memorable characters that come to mind, and if there’s one thing they have in common, it’s an unforgettable name. For example, Gandalf the Gray. Short and to the point; and more importantly, much …

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Jun 19

Heart Anatomy

The human heart contains surprising intricacies, and they are not just those of muscle tissue.

Jun 17

Worldbuilding Wednesday, 6/14/17… wait, there’s more!

Because it was just too much damn fun to come up with these. Another selection of free spells to add to your campaign, story, novel, game, comic, whatever. Chantsuma’s Wondrous Cacophony:  Creates a mosaic of noise around the target, a mix of music, voices, animal cries, thunder, chants, roaring waves, bird calls, crashing objects, etc. …

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Jun 17

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan [Reading Challenge 2017]

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan Random House, 2006 by Lisa See Challenge #2: A book taking place in Asia (Note: I am reading and blogging these Challenge books out of order)   Of all the books I’ve read in the first half of the year, this is the one that’s stuck with me the …

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Jun 14

Worldbuilding Wednesday, 6/14/17

  Let’s talk about spells. One of the things I loved about Jack Vance’s Dying Earth series, and some of his other works, was the naming of his spells, magical items, and magic practioners. Iucounu the Laughing Magician; that has a certain ring, doesn’t it? Or the Walking Boat, which has legs, and, naturally, clambers …

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Jun 13

The Aviary Gate [Reading Challenge 2017]

The Aviary Gate Bloomsbury, USA, 2010 by Katie Hickman Challenge #7: A book in a new-to-you genre (Note: I am reading and blogging these Challenge books out of order) For this challenge, I chose The Aviary Gate, by Katie Hickman, from my pile of TBRs. From the cover copy I assumed it was historical romance, …

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Jun 12

Death’s Erotic Thrill

There’s nothing more to be said here. (Kiss of Death Statue at The El Poblenou Cemetery in Barcelona)

Jun 07

Worldbuild Wednesday, 6/7/17

Starting a new series on this site, Worldbuild Wednesday, a selection of randomly generated people, places, things, and concepts suitable for incorporating into fantasy — or any speculative — fiction, courtesy of my continued experimentation with Gammadyne’s excellent Random Word Generator. All are free for any writer to use; I have no claim on them. …

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May 31

Black Queen I

It’s when she lifts the veil that you have to worry. (Photo by Daniel Jung)

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