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Out of Circulation

“I’ve been out of circulation for too long,” she thought.

Worldbuilding Wednesday 6/20/18: Gems and Minerals

Opafire is the rarest of gems.   Gems and jewels often serve as a Macguffin in fantasy stories. Recovery of the myserious gray Arkenstone is what motivates the dwarves on their quest in Tolkien’s The Hobbit, and in his Silmarillion, the Silmarils that embody the light of the great tree. Similarly, the theft of the …

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British artist Ian Miller’s version of Azathoth, from the Lovecraft Mythos. Miller is known more for his Tolkien illustrations, but this one is very nice and brings to mind 1950s SF illustrator Virgil Findlay’s work.   … that amorphous blight of nethermost confusion which blasphemes and bubbles at the center of all infinity—the boundless daemon …

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Worldbuilding Wednesday 6/13/18: Let’s Talk About Christopher

Christopher Marlowe, who was a dish.   Christopher is one of those names it’s easier to find modern times than in in the past. There’s Christopher Columbus of course, but since his fall from American grace over racism and slavery concerns, I don’t feel too comfortable giving him publicity, so Christopher Marlowe, whose picture is …

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Twilight [Reading Challenge 2018]

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer Little, Brown, and Company, 2005   [Challenge # 29: A book by someone everyone else seems to have read but you have not. ] Well, well. What to say about Stephenie Myer’s YA vampire romance Twilight that hasn’t been said before? This book was bad. Execrably, horrifyingly, stultifyingly, bad. It was …

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Visual Creativity

The heart of an artist.   (Heartbrush, by Black 3G Raven)    

Transformed Anthology

Nothing is quite so deliciously freeing as caving to your instincts. For centuries, shapeshifters have personified our impulse to bow to our animalistic nature. From lycans to skin-walkers and everything in between, shapeshifters give us a chance to connect with our inner-selves and celebrate our intriguing differences, our passions, and ultimately our humanity through their …

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Worldbuilding Wednesday 6/6/18: Cooking with Magic

From left to right: Jesrick’s Magical Cheese Tower;  cupcake decorated with Perula’s Starry Sugar, and roast unicorn meat served at the Letchlake Solstice Festival.   Inspired by a thread on the useful AbsoluteWrite Water Cooler forums. Magic can be used for a lot of things, but rarely in a story is it mentioned for cooking… …

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We have our eyes on the stars.

Worldbuilding Wednesday 5/30/18: Fantasy Villains

A good villain needs a good name.   When writing fantasy, which is a genre that must be larger than life, your villains should be larger than life, too… and that means an evocative name, something to let the reader know they are, indeed, the villain, in whatever made-up language or naming system you’re using. …

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