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Narnian Witches: Jadis (AI Remix)

  Now we come to my favorite part of this Summer of Narnia: AI depictions of Jadis.

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Geal Chàrn

Again I went back to the Wood between the World and tried to return to Charn. But instead I appeared in Scotland, at the top of the picturesque mountain known as Geal Chàrn.

Charn Kee

I thought the strange pool in The Wood Between the Worlds would take me back to Charn, but I landed here instead!

Jadis 2022: Artificial Intelligence

This post is dedicated to Janelle Shane, who sparked my interest in AI learning.   Now we’ll move out of the realm of the human artist and look at what art-creating AI engines can come up with. These engines work with a text prompt like “Fox in a field of flowers” or “Volcano erupting over …

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A Child of Charn, Part 2 [Narnia Fanfic]

Part 1 is here ———————————————————————————————————-   A Child of Charn (cont.)   “Come,” Anthen said, taking her arm and leading her out of the crowd. “The rest is just more of the same. It’s best if you don’t witness it.” There is more, Saffla thought numbly. More slaves, more creatures, more chariots and drummers and …

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A Child of Charn, Part 1 [Narnia Fanfic]

  How bad was the Empire of Charn? Very, very, very bad. ———————————————————————————————————-   A Child of Charn   Her mother had told her not to go, but she wanted to see it. Saffla, a common farmers’ daughter of House Tricklewater, Goodworks Farming District Precinct VII of Sadelnon Province — which once, eons ago, had …

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Jadis Redux

The second Summer of Narnia is drawing to a close, so I’d like to share some more images of my fave magic-using evil Queen, Jadis. First is a B&W rendition by comic artist Sebastian Ericson. Long black hair, grasping, claw-like hands, evil sneer, spiky crown… yum. A section of a video art project about The …

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Worldbuilding Wednesday 9/1/21: Charnian Names (Narnia XXIX)

  What was the language of Charn like? We know it wasn’t English, because when Digory scans the description on the bell in the Hall of Images, the letters re-arrange themselves into something he can read. (Somehow, Jadis has no trouble speaking English!) So, I made up a language for Charn, a little Assyrian, a …

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All Things Charn (Part V)

  Now that we’ve examined and dissected both Charn and Jadis, I’d like to backtrack a bit. [ You can read previous parts of this essay here: Part I,   Part II,   Part III,   Part IV ] In this post, I speculated, as some Lewis scholars did, that Charn’s name is derived from the word …

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Worldbuilding Wednesday 8/25/21: The Sister of Jadis (Narnia XXVIII)

Jadis’s sister and her rival for the throne of Charn was never given a name by Lewis. Some fanfic writers have given her one: Jerza, Jade, Cynara, Emeralas, Katilu. In the same spirit, here are are some randomgenned ones, sticking mostly to the Js, and those reminiscent of gems like Emeralas and Jade are.   …

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