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Summer of Narnia Ends

It looks like another Summer of Narnia has come and gone. It’s been fun!

King Tirian

One of the rare pieces of Tirian fanart that I’ve come across.

Mapping Narnia Anew

I thought I had seen all the maps of Narnia that there were to see, but I was wrong. Let’s take a look at this incredible one, which was posted on Reddit by its creator, DeFlame. Click on it to see the full version in all its glory. I emphasize this is NOT the Narnia …

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Narnian Witches: Jadis (AI Remix)

  Now we come to my favorite part of this Summer of Narnia: AI depictions of Jadis.

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Young Prince Rilian

Young Prince Rilian, the official portrait, painted shortly before he disappeared. Not exactly Medieval clothes, but they’re fanciful enough to be Narnian.

Narnia Fundament and Firmament (Part I)

Or, Narnia above and below. Hold onto your hats, folks, for it’s going to be a rocky ride… Now we come to tricky part of mapping out the world of Narnia – the skies above, and what’s underground. Both areas are magical and not limited by the geography and physics of our world. Both contain …

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Worldbuilding Wednesday 9/6/23: Let’s Talk About Bism (Narnia XLX)

The Land of Bism appears in The Silver Chair. It is a magical land made of  molten rock shaped into terrestrial life, where gems grow on trees and there are streams and waterfalls of liquified ores. I’ve heard it said that the name came from the word abysmal, a descriptor of great depth; but, frankly, …

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The Green Witch’s Bento Box

As long as we’re doing Narnian bento boxes, how about ones for specific Narnian characters? Like The Lady of the Green Kirtle. You can interpret it either as something she might serve to guests, or one that’s merely inspired by her, intended to be served up at a Narnian theme park. Like all the AI …

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A Narnia Fanfic Cornucopia [Reviews]

It’s time for another group review of Narnia fanfics! This time, the form is a buffet featuring authors on AoW who I haven’t written reviews on before. I had plenty of time to read, as I was sick with bronchitis during a heatwave (yeah, that’s fun) and couldn’t do much else. Gale and the Dragon, …

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Worldbuilding Wednesday 8/30/23: Glenstorm and His Sons (Narnia XLIX)

… and daughters too, let’s make that clear. Trufflehunter called again, “Glenstorm! Glenstorm!” and after a pause Caspian heard the sound of hoofs. It grew louder till the valley trembled and at last, breaking and trampling the thickets, there came in sight the noblest creatures that Caspian had yet seen, the great Centaur Glenstorm and …

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