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Sleeping Beauty and the Beast

Since so many of the current Romantasy crop of novels involves variations or inspirations from the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast, here’s another mashup… in AI this time. The originals are here and here.

The Turkish Wizards of Love

I had to include these outtakes from my Wizard of Love series. They’re hilarious!

AI and the Window to the Multiverse

  One of the things that fascinates me about visual AI generations is how they allow one to peek into the multiverse. Not the real multiverse, mind you. That hasn’t been proved to exist. But an illusion of a multiverse, with different products, people, animals and buildings, all skewed greatly or slightly from our own …

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AI Art Adventures: Zeus and Ganymede

One of the more oddball Greek myths I am fascinated with is that of Zeus and Ganymede. It’s NSFW so buckle up, and like most Greek myths, differs according to who tells it. Basically, Ganymede was a comely youth who caught the eye of Zeus so Zeus kidnapped him in the form of an eagle, …

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AI Art Adventures: The Bookstore

I dream about a certain bookstore/library sometimes. It’s not one I’ve seen in real life, but a combination of all the ones I’ve ever known. It always has the kind of books I am interested in: fantasy and science fiction, art and design, sociology and science and history and all the weird ways these intersect.  …

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AI Art Adventures: Poltergeists

Users of Midjourney know every day brings a new theme word to play around with decided by the site’s creators. (I suspect it’s a way for the owners to iron out problems with the AI’s interpretation of that word.)  One recent word, for example, was generuk, which is a species of long-necked antelope renowned for …

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AI Art Adventures: Blending a crown

If you’ve read my posts on AI versions of Narnia’s White Witch, Green Witch, and Queen Jadis of Charn, you’ll know I have a fascination with exotic costumes. I blame this on watching the Sonny and Cher Show  in the early 1970s. (Some of my grade school designs for Cher would have put present day …

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AI Art Adventures: Using my name

Recently on the Midjourney Reddit users have been posting the pics generated by using a prompt of their Reddit usernames, so I tried the same. Granted I have a leg up because it’s so descriptive and concrete. Using just Cobalt Jade, we get some kind of attractive mineral or gemstone formation. Neat! Cobalt Jade + …

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Strange and alien creatures abound in SFF media, but most of the time we don’t get to see their skeletons. This screenshot, however, from one of the Predator movies, gives tempting hints of what lies beneath the skin or scales. Of course there are some human skulls (still with spines) there, because man is the …

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Narnian Witches: Jadis (AI Remix)

  Now we come to my favorite part of this Summer of Narnia: AI depictions of Jadis.

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