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Narnian Witches: Jadis (AI Remix)

  Now we come to my favorite part of this Summer of Narnia: AI depictions of Jadis.

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Young Prince Rilian

Young Prince Rilian, the official portrait, painted shortly before he disappeared. Not exactly Medieval clothes, but they’re fanciful enough to be Narnian.

Prince Rilian: Narnia’s Hard Luck Hero

 Every Summer of Narnia I’ve done since 2020 takes on its own shape as the weeks progress. I didn’t expect this summer to focus so heavily on The Silver Chair, yet that’s the way it turned out. In this post though, instead of saying more about the Green Witch, I’ll turn the lens onto her …

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Narnian Witches: The Lady of the Green Kirtle (AI Remix)

Let’s see what AI does with this poisonous green lady. For example, bringing her into the 1970s. OF COURSE she’d have an electric guitar as her instrument of choice! That said, this one looks like a still from the movie flop Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, the one that starred the Bee Gees and …

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Scenes of Narnia I

Here I thought I’d present a selection of AI-generated images that to me seem to be from the books. The cave of the Bulgey Bears (Prince Caspian) Cair Paravel on a stormy night (The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe) The Northern Moors (The Silver Chair) Mt. Pire in the Archenland mountains (The Horse and …

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Aslan + Lovecraft

This Aslan statuette, with a beard made of tentacles, probably wouldn’t fly with fans. (AI art)

Russian White Witch

A lovely Russian-inspired White Witch with a cruel expression.

Narnian Witches: The White Witch (AI Remix)

Or  “The Persistence of the Big-Ass Crown.” AI art engines have come a long way since last summer, which is when I started using them — being sick at home with COVID was the perfect excuse. They’re also a neat way to visualize a character using your own prompts. Such as, what would The White …

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The Algae Birds of Paradise

Besides algae, birds of paradise are the only other beings whose heads are attached to complex plant like structures. In India, a flower located on the back of their heads was considered to be a personification of the divine. While algae may not seem to be very animalistic, the more birdlike beings that appear throughout …

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Jimmy’s Stage Threads

Jimmy ordered these suits for the second half of Led Zeppelin’s 1977 American tour, but they were never worn because that leg of the tour was cancelled. They’ve since been preserved for posterity, along with his Dragon suit, at the Met. No, not really.