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Worldbuilding Wednesday 12/21/20: Christmas Cocktails

The Yuletide season brings with it some traditional alcoholic drinks. Grog, mulled wine, hot toddys, wassail, and eggnog are but a few. There’s also lesser known ones, like rumpopo, which is a Mexican liquor equivalent to eggnog. Of course there’s already drinks called The Naughty List and The Nice list, given the barkeeping world’s penchant …

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Worldbuilding Wednesday 12/14/22: Christmas Traditions
xxxxAround the World

  Christmas can be a pretty bizarre holiday, being as it’s conglomeration of pagan, Catholic, and secular traditions. In the Catalan region of Spain, for example, there’s the traditional of the Caga Tio, or shitting log, that is stuffed with presents and hit like a pinata on Christmas Eve until it gives them up. Related …

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Creepy Elves: Real or Fake?

I decided to have a little fun with my annual post on Christmas horror. Creepy-looking elves abound on the internet creating their own little Uncanny Valleys, and it’s just as easy for AI Art engines to make them as well, whether or not they were intended to be creepy. So I am trying an experiment. …

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Worldbuilding Wednesday 12/22/21: The Best of
xxxxTwittersnips (Christmas)

  I love randomizing Christmas things. Carols, scented candles, and various mascots (Rudolph, et. al) are all open to various possibilities. Here’s a list of the ones I posted on Twitter 2019 – 2020. Oh, and if someone can point me to where I can buy Joyce the Three-Nosed Doll, let me know!   A …

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Hurray for Mrs. Claus

Mrs. Claus is a second-string character in the annual Christmas story, behind Santa himself, his elves, and his reindeer. She is usually depicted as elderly, smiling dispenser of cookies. Except when she’s not. In the pic above she’s a vicious ax murderer (in advertising art for the Christmas horror flick Mrs. Claus) while below, she’s …

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Alien Mrs. Claus

It’s wearing a skirt, so it must be the Mrs!

Worldbuilding Wednesday 12/23/20: Christmas Songs

Most Christmas songs are recognizable by their titles. There’s something Merry, something Snow, maybe something God or Jesus. Sometimes there’s an anomaly, like “I Want a Hippopptamus for Christmas.” But mostly it’s white bread. Here’s some titles yet to be used for your self-created Christmas tunes.   Christmas Carols Young Father Christmas The Old Gray …

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Rogue Reindeer

Since it’s near Christmas, let’s look at the world of fantastical reindeer. This caribou man, opposite, was included in an AD&D manual as a decorative illustration. He wasn’t listed as a monster with his own stats, which was too bad. (He’s definitely Quebecois because of the hairy chest.) A homebrew gamer did decide to go …

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Worldbuilding Wednesday 12/16/20: Christmas Characters

Santa, and Father Christmas and Sinter Klaas before him, is the penultimate character representing Christmas spirit, but he has many helpers. In Germany, there’s his evil counterpart Krampus, and since 1823 (when A Visit from St. Nicholas — better known as The Night Before Christmas — was first published) his reindeer. In the twentieth century …

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Revolting Reindeer

Reindeer are the only cervines (members of the deer family) to be domesticated by humans. As such, they enjoy a cozy, familiar status like chicken, ducks, pigs, and domestic pets do. But, like Santa whose sled they haul each December, they have a darker side despite their cheer and competence. Let’s take these odd toys …

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