Another ASFR Tidbit

Try as hard as she could, Nightraven couldn’t escape the giant ice crystals forming all around her. Eventually, she succumbed, sealed within the ice for all eternity … or at least until another member of her superhero team comes along to rescue her. Don’t worry. It won’t take long.

An ASFR Tidbit

I haven’t been posting much ASFR content on here lately, but I’m pretty pleased by this happy accident of a Midjourney prompt, which was for a futuristic London subway, but came out… skewed sideways as often happens. Female wrongdoers were placed into transportation sarcophagi for their journey to the processing facilities. Such displays acted as …

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Don’t Eat the Medusa Christmas Cookies…

Or this might happen to you! …or, more terrifyingly, you may yourself turn into a Christmas cookie…

Medusa Christmas Cookies

Heavy on the chocolate and glitter!  

Ponygirl Accident

Trouble at the track. Can they ever be extricated?

Hot and Bothered

The very first story I had published professionally (which means, by my definition, I got paid for, and I could hold the book in my hot little hands) was about a woman who turns, or is turned into, an espresso machine, and all the various sensations she experiences as coffee and creamer emerge from her …

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Stone to Flesh

Here’s a scene that is not depicted too often by artists illustrating The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe — Aslan turning the petrified creatures in the witch’s courtyard back into flesh with his breath.

Well Suited for a Fetish

What was this nightmarish latched rubber bodysuit used for? Whatever it was, it’s been junked and forgotten.

Worldbuilding Wednesday 2/26/20: Transformers Porn (NSFW)

The structure of Transformers names not only opens them up to parody, but also to a certain form of sexual parody. Let’s say somewhere fanfic, artwork and videos most certainly exist with these robots getting it on, or “Knockin’ pistons” as they might say, with all sorts of extraneous apparatus attached to their normally sexless …

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Getting Ahead

Let’s get a-HEAD of ourselves with the Steampunk theme.