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The White Witch Returns, Part 3

So many White Witches! So little time! First, this unusual fashion shoot model who has metal mesh pasted over her eyebrows and glass bulbs for hair. And string. And rock crystals. Another fashion shoot witch in the Tilda Swinton mold. This model was from a web site referencing “Candy Goth” style. But she’s got the …

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El León, La Bruja, y el Ropero

A proposed design for a Spanish language edition of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe using a collage technique. I like it.

The White Witch Returns, Part 2

One of the most iconic scenes in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and the movies made of it, is of a naive, disgruntled Edmond meeting the White Witch in the woods with her sleigh. Most depictions show him startled, as here. The witch turns toward him casually, tall, proud, and imperious, about to …

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The White Witch Returns, Part 1

It’s time for some more depictions of Narnia’s White Witch, like this spooky one of a dark-complected, Drow-like (the black-skinned, white-haired chaotic evil elves of AD&D fame) Jadis riding sidesaddle on a white wolf. An anime White Witch with a night sky of storms and snowflakes in her hair. The pale blue and black combination …

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White Witch, kinda Tilda Swintonish.

I thought I was done with the White Witch pics for the summer, but then I came across this gorgeous AI one. But note there was no white horse in the story!

White Witch, plus Elephant

I forgot to add this picture to my previous post. Not sure if it’s meant to be the White Witch, but it could… except for that elephant head peeking out from top left, and the cathedral-like imagery.

Narnian Witches: The White Witch (AI Remix)

Or  “The Persistence of the Big-Ass Crown.” AI art engines have come a long way since last summer, which is when I started using them — being sick at home with COVID was the perfect excuse. They’re also a neat way to visualize a character using your own prompts. Such as, what would The White …

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Worldbuilding Wednesday 7/5/23: From the Spellbook of the White Witch (Narnia XLII)

In The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, the White Witch (Jadis) demonstrates several magical powers that show her might: she can disguise herself and her servants as inanimate objects, can summon evil supernatural creatures and cause them to do her bidding, and control the weather to the point where Winter reigns in Narnia for …

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Fire and Ice

The two villains of Tolkien’s trilogy and Lewis’s Narnia come together for tea. Scones, anyone?  

Narnian Witches: The White Witch

Over the past year I’ve come across many more depictions of my favorite Narnian character, The White Witch, who is open to more interpretations than any of the “good” characters the reader is supposed to align with. The children mostly differ in the color of their hair, while Aslan is nothing other than a golden-maned …

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