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When Aslan’s Not so Perfect

As the title says, Aslan depictions have their off days, when the lion is not grand and noble as he should be, but suffering from poor skill on the part of the artist, or deliberately depicted as less than than impressive to make some satirical point. Which could be construed as a form of sacrilege, …

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Worldbuilding Wednesday 8/3/22: Mythical Lions (Narnia XXXIX)

One thing the world has no shortage of are mythical creatures based on lions, as I showed in this post. This is likely the reason there are no manticores or chimerae in Narnia; they would have stolen Aslan’s thunder! There are even more bizarre lion monsters in the world of heraldry, but that’s for another …

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Aslan’s Cousins

Aslan, the God figure in the Chronicles of Narnia series, is but one of a long line of powerful sacred, mythological, orĀ  supernatural lion creatures. And no wonder. Lions are apex predators, golden as the sun in color, and the males have a kingly mane. Tigers may be larger and more eye-catching, but they lack …

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