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Zepped Again! (Part II)

Once you start looking for Led Zep references, you find that there’s no shortage of how the band’s visual iconography spawned homage over the years. Take this logo for a vanity record label created by jokester Les Claypool of the American band Primus. For comparison, LZ’s iconic “Icarus” logo, with its Art Nouveau typeface, is …

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Zepped Again! (Part I)

Here’s another topic carried over from last year’s Led Zeppelin May, which I wanted to get to then, but didn’t: the band’s influence on popular culture over the years. First, take this quartet of demon-like monsters from the manga and later anime Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. The four are named, respectively, Page, Jones, Plant, and Bornnam …

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AI Art Adventures: Hamster Accident (with Dave Grohl)

Well, I had to find some way to link the recent book review with the posts before and after it, didn’t I? Hamsters are often inflated to the size of cats when AI lends a hand. Two Daves are better than one! From an old news story about Dave.  

AI Art Adventures: Hamster Accident

You’d think that a cute, fluffy, chubby, adorable little hamster having a mishap on its exercise wheel — a sight common on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and the like — wouldn’t be a problem for AI to generate. Especially as it’s an element common to many peoples’ childhoods, a hamster running so quickly he flings himself …

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Worldbuilding Wednesday 3/20/24: SFF Theme Burgers (ChatGPT)

Because ChatGPT did such a good job of generating Hawaii-themed cocktails (granted, edited by me to make them more unique and coherent) I decided to see what it could do with hamburgers. Gourmet burgers in fact, themed after science fiction and fantasy books. In this I was inspired by a Seattle coffeeshop where I and …

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The Princess Who Ate Nothing But Potatoes

I asked ChatGPT to generate a story for me to ascertain the quality of the product. I took inspiration from this picture I generated from’s SDXL. It’s not quite a literal reading of the prompt I used, which was “a Medieval princess eating a heart-shaped potato.” But it’s unusual enough to serve my purpose. …

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Worldbuilding Wednesday 2/28/24: Romantasy Novels

What would you name your Romantasy novel if you wrote one? One of these titles maybe.   Romantasy Novels These Gentle Ecstasies A Blindness so Blessed That Lunar Divination Enslavements so Unholy That Dauntless Advantage Attractions so Unwanted A Softness of Vertigo Fragile Scirrocos To Capture Invisibility Shadows so Brittle The Lights of Valiance To …

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Worldbuilding Wednesday 2/14/24: Love Magic

Since it’s Valentine’s day, I thought I’d do a list of spells and magical items related to love, or its lack. Caution, a few of these are NSFW! The fellow above is from Starry AI’s “pinup” art filter. The prompt was a variation of “bearded wizard with arms raised, a cloud of valentine candy hearts, …

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Worldbuilding Wednesday 1/17/24: Hawaiian Cocktails (ChatGPT)

On my own, I’ve done a pretty good job of generating imaginary cocktails, including those related to Christmas and Narnia. Since ChatGPT has advanced to the everyman level, why not see what it can do? I used OpenAI’s version, which is free with registration, and the basic prompt was “Give me a list of imaginary …

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Narnia Bento Boxes

With the magic of Midjourney, here’s some AI-created Narnia-themed bento boxes! Using a photorealistic style after those posted in Gourmet magazine. This is the first one. Rustic container, Aslan cut-food art (I think it’s daikon radish) in the center, something that looks like Turkish Delight to his upper left. I had specified Narnian foods, thinking …

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