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Funny things

Narnia Bento Boxes

With the magic of Midjourney, here’s some AI-created Narnia-themed bento boxes! Using a photorealistic style after those posted in Gourmet magazine. This is the first one. Rustic container, Aslan cut-food art (I think it’s daikon radish) in the center, something that looks like Turkish Delight to his upper left. I had specified Narnian foods, thinking …

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May the Purple Reign

When the Prince Caspian movie came out in 2008, someone made this spoof.

When Aslan’s Not so Perfect

As the title says, Aslan depictions have their off days, when the lion is not grand and noble as he should be, but suffering from poor skill on the part of the artist, or deliberately depicted as less than than impressive to make some satirical point. Which could be construed as a form of sacrilege, …

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Zeptoons, Part 2

On to the second part of my Zeptoons series. There is much more to explore on Deviantart, including these toons by artist and writer electricsorbet, who, like her compatriot Nicola Rivka, mines LZ and other bands for worshipful and often satirical content. In her art she concentrates on the darker side of LZ: Jimmy’s heroin …

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Zeptoons, Part 1

Now we come to the part of Zep May I have been so excited about. Zeptoons! Done by fans, in loving homage to the band. The one above depicts an incident from a real-life concert where live doves were released, one happening to fly right into Robert’s hand. But the artist turns it into more …

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Jimmy’s Stage Threads

Jimmy ordered these suits for the second half of Led Zeppelin’s 1977 American tour, but they were never worn because that leg of the tour was cancelled. They’ve since been preserved for posterity, along with his Dragon suit, at the Met. No, not really.  

It Suits Bonzo Well

  In spite all of John Bonham’s drunken misbehavior on tour it’s impossible to find any picture of him where he looks caught in the act.  Robert and Jimmy mug and often get snapped in less-than-flattering poses, and John Paul Jones can look ridiculous on occasion, but Bonham just hangs. It’s like he doesn’t want …

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Johning his Paul until it Joneses

Led Zeppelin bass player/keyboardist John Paul Jones, at home, early 1970s.

Percy’s Bustle in the Hedgerow

If there’s a bustle in your hedgerow, don’t be alarmed now It’s just a spring clean for the May Queen

Jimmy Page’s Pants

Cartoon by Nicola Rivka. I’ll post some more of her stuff when I get around to Zeptoons.