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Birth of a Dark God

Neural Nets are a great way to improvise some heavy metal lyrics. A few sessions on one produced this masterpiece. Which I can’t really take credit for completely… because the AI did the work. But  I was the one who strung it all together and made it make sense. I mean sense enough to sit …

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The Drudgery of Ironing

The alien certainly thinks so.

Fifth-Grade Zodiac

Being born in the shadow of the Baby Boomers, the interests of my older siblings and cousins were a big influence on my life, particularly those most popular of the Hippy arts: psychedelia and astrology. I read every astrology book I could get my little hands on, but decided the signs could do with some …

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Existential Spock

Mr. Spock deals with his fear in a unique way in this old comic book panel.

Atompunk Reading

In the Atompunk Age, manly men read books like this one, accompanied by a dry martini.

Narnia in the Real World

Last year, while researching Narnia, I found out about the existence of a Florida rock band called White Witch. I don’t know if the name was inspired by Narnia or not. But there are plenty of other musical groups and even companies who looked to Lewis for inspiration. The Australian rock band Silverchair was perhaps …

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A Devilishly Good Pizza

Fresh from Satan’s oven. (Cover art for The Bad Samaritan by Robert Barnard)

Worldbuilding Wednesday 4/21/21: Fill Your Bookshelf

Sometimes when you DM or write fantasy, you need to list books in a character’s library.  Books that sound obscure, magical, historical, singular. Tolkien has his imaginary Book of Redmarch, Lovecraft his Necronomicon and Pnakotic Manuscripts. Here’s a randomgenned list of some more.   Library Books, Fantasy Style A Man’s Tome of Migford Four Books …

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Even barbarian heroes get itches in the most private of places.  


These candy-colored lollipop skeletons would make any human drool. (Artwork by Jason Limon)