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The True Face of Sauron

Say the name Sauron and most people will think of this armored character from The Lord of the Rings movies, or a giant burning eye. But in the books Tolkien never spoke of Sauron’s Third Age physical form except in abstracts, saying only that he was  “not fair” which could mean anything. So, inspired by …

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Worldbuilding Wednesday 8/31/22: Monarch Portraits of
xxxx Narnia (Narnia XLIII)

I’m going to do something different for this post of WW. I’m going to post AI-created portraits of randomly generated Narnian monarchs using StarryAI. (Starry-Eyed, get it?)  These monarchs are intended to be used in Narnian fanfics, but they could be used in any work of fantasy fiction as well. First, Queen Thuma of the …

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Geal Chàrn

Again I went back to the Wood between the World and tried to return to Charn. But instead I appeared in Scotland, at the top of the picturesque mountain known as Geal Chàrn.

Charn Kee

I thought the strange pool in The Wood Between the Worlds would take me back to Charn, but I landed here instead!

Jadis 2022: Artificial Intelligence

This post is dedicated to Janelle Shane, who sparked my interest in AI learning. ———————————————————————————————————-   Now we’ll move out of the realm of the human artist and look at what art-creating AI engines can come up with. These engines work with a text prompt like “Fox in a field of flowers” or “Volcano erupting …

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In an alternate movie universe, Tilda Swinton the White Witch wore shoes made from Aslan into battle, not his hair.

The Happy Couple

“With these tentacles, I thee wed…”

Lovecraft jokes

“The world is indeed comic, but the joke is on mankind.”― H. P. Lovecraft   Google “Lovecraft” and “Humor” and you’ll find an astounding number of jokes and cartoons, the Mythos giving Star Trek and Star Wars a run for its money in the meme department. Here I’ve culled out a few. Q:   Why did …

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Worldbuilding Wednesday 2/2/22: Emotions You Never
xxxxKnew You Had

There’s a meme that keeps coming around, a list of terms for emotions that other cultures have, but not the English-speaking world. One of them is the marvelous term Schadenfreude, from German, that means the shameful joy you feel at another’s distress — like, say, Sarah Palin contracting COVID. Unlike many of the other feelings …

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Water Pug

pug crossed with a manatee

What do you call a pug crossed with a manatee? A Pugong, of course!