Worldbuilding Wednesday 3/20/24: SFF Theme Burgers (ChatGPT)

The Wintermute Cyberburger garnished, for some reason, by Midjourney with corn kernels.

Because ChatGPT did such a good job of generating Hawaii-themed cocktails (granted, edited by me to make them more unique and coherent) I decided to see what it could do with hamburgers. Gourmet burgers in fact, themed after science fiction and fantasy books. In this I was inspired by a Seattle coffeeshop where I and other members of a SFF critique group used to meet back in the day. The place was decorated with SFF-themed toys and decor and had a library of books patrons could read as they sipped. The icing on the cake, however, were the SFF-themed coffee drinks, named after characters like Galadriel and Kreighton of Red Dwarf fame. (After a name and location change, it’s now Distant Worlds Coffehouse.)

So I ran five or six prompts, one using general SF, one general fantasy, and several using particular authors.

The general prompts kicked up very general works, like Harry Potter and Star Trek, and didn’t differentiate between books, movies, and TV series. I only wanted books or book series, so sorry, Spock’s Vulcan Logic Burger.

Where it really got creative was when I specified specific authors, coming up with burgers like this (raw version.)

The Le Guin’s Utopian Burger

    • Beyond Meat® patty, for a future where harmony with nature prevails
    • Smoked vegan gouda, symbolizing the warmth of community
    • Grilled zucchini and eggplant, celebrating the bounty of the earth
    • Sun-dried tomato pesto, representing the vibrancy of a shared world
    • Multi-grain bun, embodying the diversity and unity of Le Guin’s visions


Mmm… yeah. The recipe isn’t bad, but it reads kinda dippy.

What surprised me was how appetizing most of the offerings sounded, if overly garnished, and how, in the two cases where the burger was inspired by AI (HAL 9000 and Wintermute) the patties were vegan. I guess because vegan is more modern and futuristic?

I was also impressed by how the recipes stuck to the theme of the book or character. The Legolas Greenleaf burger had Green Goddess dressing, for example, and Estraven’s Winter Burger featured an elk meat patty seasoned with juniper and winter berries, I suppose because such a recipe already existed somewhere in wintry Scandinavia. However, that also led to typical AI gaffes, like Captain Picard’s Engage Burger with its “Earl Grey tea-infused salmon patty” which is something I wouldn’t want to eat.’s SDXL did a fine job of creating the Wintermute burger above. I used Midjourney to combine two variations so I had both the electric blue cheese and neon beet slaw.


SFF Burgers inspired by ChatGPT

Gandalf the White Truffle Burger 100% organic grass-fed beef patty topped with aged white cheddar and wild mushrooms sautéed in white truffle oil. Served on a toasted brioche bun dusted with edible silver powder.

(Lord of the Rings)

Targaryen Dragonfire Sandwich Spicy seasoned chicken breast topped with pineapple rings, pepperjack cheese, and jalapeno aioli sauce. Served open faced on a toasted roll with red cabbage slaw.

(A Song of Ice and Fire)

Dumbledore’s Delight
Two beef patties with a “secret potion sauce” of caramelized figs in a balsamic glaze. Topped with arugala and spinach on a sage and walnut hard roll.

(Harry Potter)

Aslan’s Roar
Ground lamb burger seasoned with garlic and rosemary, feta cheese, sundried tomatoes, and baby spinach.

(Chronicles of Narnia)

Dr. Yueh’s Ethical Choice Burger
Black bean and quinoa veggie patty with non-dairy feta cheese spread infused with za’atar. Served inside gluten-free split pita bread with a side of grilled zucchini and eggplant. 100% Vegan.


Wintermute Cyberburger Techno-smoked buffalo patty, electric blue cheese, neon pickled beetroot, cybernetic slaw (red cabbage, carrot, and a hint of ginger), and “digital mustard” aioli sauce. Served on a futuristic black bun with a hint of activated charcoal and sesame seeds.


Shevek’s Anarres Burger Hearty vegan patty made from lentils and quinoa, vegan cheddar, sliced avocado and sprouts, tomato-cilantro salsa. Served on rustic sliced brown bread reflecting the simplicity and hardiness of Anarresti life.

(The Disposessed)

The Illustrated Man-burger
Mixed beef and chorizo patty topped with fried green tomatoes. Served on an artisanial pretzel bun inked with edible tattoo-like designs.

(The Illustrated Man)


The Spock’s Vulcan Logic Burger: Vulcan fire-grilled Portobello mushroom cap, vegan cheddar, roasted red pepper, baby spinach, logic-spiced mayo (a logical blend of Vulcan spices). Served on a Vulcan red bun.

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