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The Romantasy Explosion

Since we’re nearing Valentine’s Day, let’s talk about… Romantasy. As implied by the name it’s a mashup of Romance + Fantasy, a subgenre exemplified, perhaps platonically, by Sarah J. Maas’s A Court of Thorns and Roses series, whose eponymously named first book came out in 2015. Marketed as YA, the fantasy novel was about a …

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A Narnia Fanfic Cornucopia [Reviews]

It’s time for another group review of Narnia fanfics! This time, the form is a buffet featuring authors on AoW who I haven’t written reviews on before. I had plenty of time to read, as I was sick with bronchitis during a heatwave (yeah, that’s fun) and couldn’t do much else. Gale and the Dragon, …

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Malignment in Emerald [Fanfic]

I realized I didn’t announce this particular fanfic. It’s on AoW. I am tired of this slander. Oh, I suppose I should be flattered that all of Narnia thinks of me as a femme fatale… the cunning, poisonous witch who seduced a crown prince and kept him in my thrall. The lute-playing enchantress who created …

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Malice in Jade [Narnia Fanfic]

A Chronicles of Narnia fanfic — NSFW   Malice In Jade   I find such pleasure in tormenting this fool.

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Zepfics: Short Stories [Review]

Angels Losing Sleep, by Leah Part 1,  Part 2,  Part 3 Ten years ago Livejournal had a short-lived Zepfic community, which in turn had replaced an earlier one that was short-lived; from the more recent one (active 2011-2014) I read this story. Zepfics have a rich range of real-life conflicts and tragedies to hang their …

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Zepfics: A History

I became aware of Led Zeppelin fanfic in the late 1990s when the web exploded with archive sites. To say I was surprised would be an understatement. I’d known of Star Trek fanfic for years, and Buffy,  X-files, and Xena fanfic sites were all over the place. But Zep fanfic was a new thing, especially …

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Bandfics, Part 2

Not every band inspires a busy and passionate fandom. Using Archive of Our Own as a bellwether, I noticed several things by looking at the stats. One is the sheer amount of material. Excluding Elvis (450 stories) most of it dates from bands active from the early 1960s on. There’s no Gene Vincent, Jerry Lee …

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Worldbuilding Wednesday 5/10/23: Led Zeppelin Songs

 When it comes to Led Zeppelin songs, their titles recall mostly about one thing: Blues, Blues, Blues. Unlike Beatles songs, they didn’t dabble in storytelling or psychedelia. This makes the song titles themselves not too interesting, but they’re also easy to recreate. Maybe there’s a bootleg of these around somewhere…   Led Zeppelin Songs, what …

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Bandfics, Part 1

When discussing rock band fandoms, there are two types. The first is the “typical” one of love of the music, which also includes listening to albums, attending concerts, and discussing these with other fans who share the same passion. It can run along a scale. At one end are those who buy an album or …

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Zeppedee-doo-dah May: Led Zeppelin Fandom

It’s time for another themed month, and for May it’s… LED ZEPPELIN FANDOM! NOT musical fandom as in discussing the pros and cons of Jimmy Page’s various guitars or the band’s performances over various tours. I mean Led Zeppelin as people, characters, who inspire fiction and artwork, most often by female fans. Ready? Let’s go!