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Mar 19

Three Editions Through Time

  Three editions of the trilogy over the years. The top one is the first, unauthorized paperback version. Note that the Nazgul on the cover of The Two Towers is a pegasus and not the reptilian creature that was actually in the book. The artist got other details right, like the black-robed, faceless Nazgul, and …

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Mar 16

Plagiarism, Hobbit Style

Looking through my Pinterest feed for Tolkien images, I found this cover for a French edition of The Hobbit. It looked awfully familiar to me. Then I figured out where I had seen it before. Now, I wish the artist had been just a little more creative and not cribbed what is obvious, particularly as …

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Mar 14

Worldbuilding Wednesday 3/14/18: The Lord of the Things, Part II

Eowyn bitchslaps the Captain of the Nazgul   Here we are moving on to more characters in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, with more variations. So hypothetical Freudno Buffins of Buff End can have brave-hearted companions like Gjori the Dwarf and Laegolach the Elf. There are other Tolkien name generators, of course. Most of …

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Mar 12

The Fellowship of the Ring Chinese Cover

Cover for Chinese edition of The Fellowship of the Ring, 2014, by artist Jian Guo   This beautiful cover, reminiscent of Chinese jade carvings, was part of a competition by WenJing Publishing to release the trilogy for an Asian market.  I like it when the books receive artistic interpretations of the country they are released …

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Mar 10

Smaug the Terrible

  There he lay, a vast red-golden dragon, fast asleep; a thrumming came from his jaws and nostrils, and wisps of smoke, but his fires were low in slumber. Beneath him, under all his limbs and his huge coiled tail, and about him on all sides stretching away across the unseen floors, lay countless piles …

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Mar 07

Worldbuilding Wednesday 3/7/18: The Lord of the Things, Part I

The Council of Elrond, Lego style   J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy has been a major influence for many, many, fantasy writers, myself included. (Or course, many fantasy writers detest it also.) And also like me, probably, at some point, budding young fantasy writers made up people, places, and things that sounded very …

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Mar 05

Der Kleine Hobbit

German edition   This German cover of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit changes the title slightly to “The Little Hobbit” and pairs a bloated, toadlike, crazy-eyed Smaug with a tap-dancing Hobbit waving a top hat. The whole is enclosed in a trompe l’oeil frame with a spider crawling on the bottom, which alludes to the dwarves’ …

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Mar 04

Russia does The Hobbit

In the 1980s the Russians made their own version of The Hobbit (unauthorized — copyrights, shmopyrights!) for TV.   It is not so big budget, but the acting is delightful. I particularly like the baby crocodile Smaug.

Mar 01

Tolkien Month

Sauron’s forces on the move   It’s Tolkien Month here on my website! A little odd considering I have been writing mostly erotica and horror, but my roots are in SF and Fantasy. Reading E.R. Eddison’s The Worm Ouroboros, a progenitor of Tolkien’s and a probable influence, has made me appreciate the good professor even …

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