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Worldbuilding Wednesday 6/8/22: Narnian Magic
xxxx(Narnia XXXI)

I haven’t heard much about campaign settings based in Narnia, as opposed to those set in Middle-Earth. Something about Narnia resists this, either the religosity,  or the set-in-stone nature of the plot. But if someone did, here is some magic that might be used there.   Narnian Magic for an RPG Cry of Bacchus: Allows …

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A New Summer of Narnia

Yes, it’s the start of a new Summer of Narnia! This is the third one. Stay tuned for more Narnian names, essays, worldbuilding, commentary, and artwork, like the marvelous painting above. Which shows the unshowed final meeting of lion and witch, though she’s more resigned than terrified, and looks like she’s rather enjoying it. But …

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Lovecraft March is over

It’s been fun.

Baby Cthulhu

Now you can crochet your own Baby Cthulhu! The pattern maker is from Ukraine, and by purchasing the pattern, you will be giving a besieged citizen some much-needed support.

Lovecraft March

Inspired by my re-reading of At the Mountains of Madness, I declare Lovecraft March! Worldbuilding  notes, reviews, and essays to follow.  

Reading Challenge 2022

My Authors Water Cooler Reading Challenge selections for 2022. The rules are: out of a list of 50 categories, the participant chooses 12, the idea being you read one a month, more as extra credit if you’re ambitious. My challenges for 2021 and 2020 were, I’m sad to say, a bust. In 2020 I got …

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Merry Christmas!

Worldbuilding Wednesday 12/22/21: The Best of
xxxxTwittersnips (Christmas)

  I love randomizing Christmas things. Carols, scented candles, and various mascots (Rudolph, et. al) are all open to various possibilities. Here’s a list of the ones I posted on Twitter 2019 – 2020. Oh, and if someone can point me to where I can buy Joyce the Three-Nosed Doll, let me know!   A …

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Hurray for Mrs. Claus

Mrs. Claus is a second-string character in the annual Christmas story, behind Santa himself, his elves, and his reindeer. She is usually depicted as elderly, smiling dispenser of cookies. Except when she’s not. In the pic above she’s a vicious ax murderer (in advertising art for the Christmas horror flick Mrs. Claus) while below, she’s …

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Whatcha Dune?

Projected poster art for Jodorowsky’s Dune, the movie that never was. Paul Atreides/Muad’dib is at center. The names of the designers are at lower left, and if you follow their work, you can pinpoint what elements of the illustration they worked on: Foss the spacecraft, Giger the sandworm, Moebius the characters and perhaps that landscape. …

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