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Summer of Narnia Ends

It looks like another Summer of Narnia has come and gone. It’s been fun!

Malignment in Emerald [Fanfic]

I realized I didn’t announce this particular fanfic. It’s on AoW. I am tired of this slander. Oh, I suppose I should be flattered that all of Narnia thinks of me as a femme fatale… the cunning, poisonous witch who seduced a crown prince and kept him in my thrall. The lute-playing enchantress who created …

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Read what C. S. Lewis Read
(Lewis Bits and Pieces)

The Librarything site (of which I am a member) has a section for the books read and/or kept in personal libraries by famous writers, and C. S. Lewis’s is here. There’s 44 pages to it, each page hosting 50 books… so yeah, there’s a lot, especially of history, natural history, religion, and philosophy. But taking …

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Summer of Narnia 2023

Since summer starts with the solstice, it’s time for Summer of Narnia 2023! Photo essays, commentary, critiques, and much more! (On the above scene. It’s an AI landscape generated in ERNIE that embodies the otherworldly feel of Narnia, particularly its unexplored west and south. I mean, volcanic mesas covered in soft spring grass, with waterfalls? …

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Farewell to LZ May

Led Zeppelin May is over, and so it’s time to ramble on. But there’s enough material for another go-round next year. Until then, the Autumn lights my way…  

Zeppedee-doo-dah May: Led Zeppelin Fandom

It’s time for another themed month, and for May it’s… LED ZEPPELIN FANDOM! NOT musical fandom as in discussing the pros and cons of Jimmy Page’s various guitars or the band’s performances over various tours. I mean Led Zeppelin as people, characters, who inspire fiction and artwork, most often by female fans. Ready? Let’s go!

Reading Challenge 2023

  It’s time for another yearly reading challenge from the Authors Water Cooler! The past three years were disappointing for me, as I hadn’t been able to finish any of them despite my high intentions. 2022 was actually better, because I did make it 3/4 of the way, squeaking through with two books finished the …

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Worldbuilding Wednesday 1/4/23: Best of Twittersnips 2022
xxxx(Magic Items)

My favorite Twittersnip magic items of 2022.   2022 Magic Items Anzha’s Bubble: This glass bubble measures 2” and constantly shifts colors. When held in the palm, it induces memories of the most tranquil place the holder ever visited, inducing in them calm and peace. Bag of the Banshee: This cursed sack screams loudly whenever …

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Worldbuilding Wednesday 12/28/22: Best of Twittersnips
xxxx2022 (Spells)

My favorite Twittersnip spells of the year!   2022 Spells Alter Skeletal Alignment: Gives the effect of a visit to the chiropractor on any creature that has bones. Arrow of the Mage: Not a physical arrow, but the dynamics of ‘shooting’ it are the same. Enables one mage to send a spell they know to …

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Don’t Eat the Medusa Christmas Cookies…

Or this might happen to you! …or, more terrifyingly, you may yourself turn into a Christmas cookie…