“It all looked good on paper.”

Distorted lollipops and lopsided Easter eggs lure children and adults alike to Willy’s Chocolate Experience.

AI has stepped  in it again!

This time, in Glasgow, Scotland. A children’s event called “Willy’s Chocolate Experience” — a none-too-subtle allusion to Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory — opened in a sparsely decorated warehouse to parental reactions so violently dismayed some wound up calling the local police. The story is below.


I also encourage looking up the event on YouTube where there are portions of the AI-generated script available that read just as anodyne and overly phrased as “The Princess Who Ate Nothing but Potatoes.”

The mastermind of the attraction, if it could be called that, is one Billy Coull, who’s made a career out of using AI (and none too well) to defraud the gullible. The picture above was used in the promotional material. To me it’s clearly AI but a lot of the families didn’t think so and expected something like it for their hard-earned money.

They didn’t even bother to iron out the fold marks.

At least these items of decor, which look like quick-printed fabric panels of the same kind of unobtainable candy fairyland, were salvaged from a rubbish bin and put up for a charity auction. Clearly, even technical outliers are boldly putting AI words and pictures toward nefarious purposes. His apology? “It all looked good on paper.”

The second gaffe comes from Australia, where an AI-generated picture to promote The Queensland Symphony Orchestra was all kinds of nope.

The young Asian couple here might be fantasizing the orchestra is in the seats behind them playing them a private symphony, but that doesn’t excuses the woman’s skeletal, mannequin-like frame or how a piece of her skirt wound up in the man’s lap. And why is she holding a cash lockbox tight between her knees?

Meanwhile, AI-generated recipes run into issues of copyright, and aren’t that great after all.

I wish there were pictures.


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