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Jun 19

Heart Anatomy

The human heart contains surprising intricacies, and they are not just those of muscle tissue.

May 31

Black Queen I

It’s when she lifts the veil that you have to worry. (Photo by Daniel Jung)

May 24


He was brave to the last, but this didn’t save him… from unlife, that is. (Art by Roman Chaliy)

May 17


The Cecaelia is an octopoid mermaid who, instead of having a fish’s tail, has the arms of an octopus. The villain of Disney’s The Little Mermaid was one.¬† (X-Ray Art by Benedetta Bonichi)

May 10

The Lifeform

The cultured alien lifeform had an innocuous beginning, but a bloody end.  

May 03


Not all the great pachyderms became extinct. Some turned into ghouls. (Dumbo by Austen Mengler)  

Apr 26


This is one out-of-body experience that must not be repeated. (Art by Shintaro Kago)

Apr 19


Appearing as a wild horse flayed alive, the Nuckalavee is the most horrible of all the demons of the Scottish islands. Its name may be the origin of “Old Nick” a moniker often used for Satan. (Art by Ambersandj on Deviantart.com)

Apr 12

The Rose

We may suffer for love, but few want to die for it. (Photo by Yung Chen Lin)

Apr 05

In the Sewer

You didn’t want to see this. Now that you have, you can’t unsee it. YOU NEVER SAW IT. (Art by Pascal Blanch√©)

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