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Dragon Hybrids That Didn’t Make the Cut

Evil sorcerers are known for their meddling in the dark arts, and that includes the creation of new and novelĀ  dragon breeds. But not all of them made it into the dark army or evil fortress. The lobster dragon tasted delicious on toast. They were slaughtered by the thousands. The cow dragon could give no …

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Saucily Scaled

Glamour, thy name is Draco Terribilis.

The Pernese Dragon

Anne McCaffrey’s Pern seriesĀ  put dragons on the map in the science fiction and fantasy world as both plausible alien creatures and the brand-spanking-new fantasy trope of the all-knowing, intelligent animal companion. The first two stories, “Weyr Search” and “Dragonrider” were published in Analog magazine in 1967; they later were incorporated into the first Pern …

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Fetchingly Fanged

Cyguvid spent her days in luxury being fed bunches of grapes by her slaves. Then she ate the slaves too.  

Devil Dance

  This prancing devil has real style.  

Universal Indifference

Do you think the universe actually cares about you?

The Doll

The Doll threatened all by its very presence.    

Getting Ahead

Let’s get a-HEAD of ourselves with the Steampunk theme.  


“Why are ugly tattoos lauded, and self-harm not?” she thought.

Early Medicine

Early Medical Procedures were rough on everyone, except the physician who sometimes enjoyed them.   (Artwork by Christopher Fisher)