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Oct 09

Black Queen V

Cruelty was actually one of her better qualities. (commission__dark_priestess_by_skyzocat-d935u3r.jpg)  

Sep 27

Worldbuilding Wednesday 9/27/17: Arabian Nights

  Many people, myself included, have thought that the book of Middle Eastern fantasy tales, One Thousand and One Arabian Nights, is a unified work of one author or compiler from the 16th century, ala The Brothers Grimm. But it isn’t. It’s a far older collection of folk tales and poetry from a far wider …

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Sep 25

Black Queen IV

What Galadriel became after she was seduced by the power of the One Ring.

Sep 18


Turn on your heartlight Let it shine wherever you go Let it make a happy glow For all the world to see… Venus, by ceramic artist Kate MacDowell

Sep 11

Eye Irritation

I thought I felt something in my eye!

Sep 04


The Dracolich, or undead dragon, is the most terrifying and powerful of all dragonkin. Fortunately they are few and far between.

Aug 28

Gummy Bear

This is one treat you don’t want to eat. Gummy Anatomy Toy, by Jason Freeny

Aug 14

Sea Monster

The last thing the oceanographer saw. Concept art from the Syfy movie Dinoshark

Aug 07


laughing mannequins full of evil

They are laughing at you always. And they never stop.

Jul 31

Black Queen III

The Black Queen’s personal life was full of misery, which was odd for such a powerful figure. Sad to say, she wasn’t above taking it out on her slaves. (Misery by FrankT on DeviantArt)

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