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Worldbuilding Wednesday 10/6/21: Insects

In fantasy worldbuilding, insects get the short end of the (walking) stick. What’s the last imaginary one you can remember? For me, it’s the odd bread-and-butterfly of Alice in Wonderland. The intelligent insect races of science fiction are more memorable. The Bugs of Robert Heinlein’s Starship Troopers, and the Buggers (Formics) of Orson Scott Card’s …

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The Great Sea Serpent

Suddenly, only about the length of a cricket pitch from their port side, an appalling head reared itself out of the sea. It was all greens and vermilions with purple blotches—except where shell fish clung to it—and shaped rather like a horse’s, though without ears. It had enormous eyes, eyes made for staring through the …

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Worldbuilding Wednesday 6/2/21: The Best of Twittersnips
xxxx(Mythical Beings)

One of the subjects I love randomgenning most are mythical creatures – demons, monsters, legendary beings, animals. These names are culled from my Twitter feed, from the years 2017 – 2020.   Mythical Beings Satatareth, the Angel of Good Hygiene Gembilath, the Angel of Decay Hestothy, the Demon Queen of Depravity Levibed: A demon that …

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A Devilishly Good Pizza

Fresh from Satan’s oven. (Cover art for The Bad Samaritan by Robert Barnard)

Worldbuilding Wednesday 4/14/21: The Best of Twittersnips

What would you call this little critter that looks to be part tiger, part squirrel, and part pussycat? I’m sure there are similar undiscovered species lurking somewhere on this earth or another. These names are culled from my Twitter feed, from the years 2017 – 2020.   Imaginary Animals Mammalian predators Gray-marbled Tigral Bat-Eared Leopard …

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Sea Serpent

Arthur Rackham’s version of a sea monster featuring some very wild dentition.

Just Passing Through

Never mind me, just passing through.

Worldbuilding Wednesday 2/17/21: Fairy Tales II

The plasticity of fairy tales is demonstrated by these illustrations of Beauty and the Beast from over the years. In the original fairy tale, the Beast is never explicitly described, so artists had to use their imaginations. From the top left, going clockwise, he’s a spotted hyena, a wolf-boar, a very weird walrus-mole hybrid, and …

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Questing Beast

The Questing Beast was a creature from Arthurian lore. It combined the features of a deer, snake, leopard, and dragon. Shy yet fierce, it was the quarry of King Pellinore, who spent his life searching for it. This Questing Beast was by artist Terri Whitlatch who specializes in speculative biology.  

Now That’s a Reindeer!

Extinct prehistoric deer Sinomegaloceros, which boastged a triceratops-like frill over its head.