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Worldbuilding Wednesday 9/21/22: Complicated Magic

Sometimes I randomgen a spell or magic item that is so complicated to describe I know it won’t fit on a twitter post. So I’ve saved them for here.   Complicated Magic Book of Dragon Coloring:  Contrary to popular belief, most dragons lead dull existences. When they’ve gotten to an age where there are few …

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Worldbuilding Wednesday 6/29/22: More Narnian Magic
xxxx(Narnia XXXIV)

Magic is everywhere in Narnia; yet the characters don’t use it in the way the Harry Potter kids use it, or even how a party in a fantasy RPG would use it. Only in the first book is magic used fluently and for purpose by the main characters, in form of Peter’s sword and shield, …

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Worldbuilding Wednesday 11/20/19: Minor Magical Items

Some magical items are very useful to the recipient. Some are cursed, or useless. But more often than not they have a minor kind of magic, helpful in a certain situation. Here are some of those items.   Minor and Mundane Magical Items The Wizard Kift’s Small Dirt-kicking Satyr: A diminuitive statue of a satyr …

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