Worldbuilding Wednesday 4/17/24: The Best of Twittersnips (Horror and Halloween)

Christine Daae unmasks the phantom in the 1925 silent movie The Phantom of the Opera. The scene still gives me goosebumps.

Oh, the horrors! Here’s a selection from Twitternaps of the past. All meant in fun of course.


Horror and Halloween

Horror movies
The Reptiloid Slayer
The Island of Medusa
Echoes of the Silence
Attack of the Giant Centipede
Mark of the Zombie
Lake of a Thousand Lunatics
Blade of the Werewolf Queen
Horror movie taglines
See the Headhunter King Murder Helpless Coeds!
Vile Experiments Lead to Man’s Ruin!
Mad Science Creates a Race of Clam Zombies!
It would not die… yet dominated death!
Killer grave robbers from Bikini Island!
Reptile Girls Run Amok in a Top Secret Military Base!
Horror novels
The Zombies of Paradise
The Sheath of Shadow Door
Cold Breath/Stolen Breath
The Prophecy of Area 51
Warn a Cursed Bride
Twisted Daughter
Vampire novels
Sanguine Nectar
In a Succulent Vein
Evil coat-of-arms
An ape’s skull on a field of indigo and white stripes
Foul villains
Shammoki Hellsprung
Eyel Fetidbask
Lord Rukek Ravenslaughter
Giletto Otis Skullford
Queston, Necromancer of the Wounded Finger
Queen Umyrantha the Bloodless
Halloween Costumes
Witch Doctor Cheerleader
Rastafarian Nun
The Bacon Witch
Redneck Mummy
Punk Rock Mermaid
Baby Freddy Krueger
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Drag Queen
Hawaiian Cyclops
Pool Noodle Skeleton
Day of the Dead Mr. Rogers
Elizabethean Barrista

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