2024 Reading Challenge

Booksmart? No.

I haven’t had much success with reading challenges these past years. In 2023, I finished 5 out of 12. In 2022, it was eight out of twelve, with a little cheating: three-quarters.

So THIS year, I’m only going to pick six. That’s make it a little easier to chew.

19. Like a novel, only real: Creative nonfiction.
Storyteller, Dave Grohl
Nirvana’s drummer, and rock star in his own right, tells some autobiographical stories.

20. What’s your sign?: A book by an author who shares your astrological sign (Greek or Chinese zodiac).
A book by William Golding, we are both Virgos.

21. Do you deliver?: A book where food, cooking, restaurants, chefs, etc. play a major role.
Twinkie Deconstructed, Steve Ettlinger
All the food additives manufacturers use explained.

22. That old black magic: A paranormal novel.
Death of the Necromancer, Martha Wells
Been waiting to read this for a while. An alternate-world Gothic Italy with supernatural hijinx.

23 After the fall: A post-apocalyptic or dystopic book.
The Product, Marine Fontaine
Russian dystopia in the style of Roadside Picnic which I’d enjoyed.

24. Top of the Heap: A book on any Top Whatever list.
Nettle & Bone, T. Kingfisher
Not the usual kind of fantasy I’d read.

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