AI Art Adventures: Hamster Accident (Refined)

By themselves, the pics in my last post about hamsters and exercise wheels were pretty stupid. But it’s always possible to refine them.

I had put “flying” in one of the prompts, but instead of giving me a hamster flung off his exercise wheel and flying through the air, I got superhero-type hamsters wearing capes. I replaced the nonsense lettering on one of these to create this nifty panel that might have some from 1970.

I cut and rearranged other four-panel versions of the Midjourney hamsters to create more coherent stories of hamster disaster. Here, a hamster (mouse, really) is surprised by a bright light above his head, which sucks him inside, leaving an empty shed.

This hamster notices a strange round device popping out of the ground, and when he touches it, it explodes.

This hamster gets his head stuck inside a ring and struggles to get out.

Not exactly, overall, what I was looking for, but the pathos was nice.

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