The White Witch Returns, Part 1

It’s time for some more depictions of Narnia’s White Witch, like this spooky one of a dark-complected, Drow-like (the black-skinned, white-haired chaotic evil elves of AD&D fame) Jadis riding sidesaddle on a white wolf.

An anime White Witch with a night sky of storms and snowflakes in her hair. The pale blue and black combination is effective.

A chrome statue of Jadis at the Narnia sculpture group in C. S. Lewis Square, Belfast, Ireland. The sculptor is Maurice Harron.  Note her world-weary, hooded red eyes and snakelike pupils! Other subjects include Aslan, Mr. Tumnus, and Maugrim. Did you know C. S. Lewis was originally from Ireland? I didn’t.

An otherworldly White Witch offers Edmund, who looks 16 or 17 here, some Turkish Delight, but he doesn’t look too pleased. The male figure is clearly based on Skandar Keynes from the Walden movies.

Ice Queen, by Jeff Simpson

This one makes a good White Witch even though it’s not meant to be her.

A proud White Witch with a prouder nose. The hump gives her character and maturity.

. White Witch by Ammotu

A more elaborately clad White Witch. Aesthetically, I like the fancy costumes, but it’s hard for me to picture her running around in the woods wearing them.

Let’s peek inside the Witch’s statue garden. The free-floating hood she wears at her shoulders is a different take.

“Stoning” a group of satyrs here with her staff/wand.

And lastly, how about a slice of delicious White Witch cake?  White chocolate of course, with coconut cream frosting.

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