The White Witch Returns, Part 3

So many White Witches! So little time!

First, this unusual fashion shoot model who has metal mesh pasted over her eyebrows and glass bulbs for hair. And string. And rock crystals.

Another fashion shoot witch in the Tilda Swinton mold.

This model was from a web site referencing “Candy Goth” style. But she’s got the wand, the white gown, the crown, the cruel, imperial demeanor… who else could she be but Jadis?

A classic British pantomime Winter Queen that could serve as the White Witch. Stylistically they’re similar, but the panto babes are usually friendlier, with more elaborate costumes.

Now let’s move on to some illustrations.

Snow Queen, by Thu Vien

Not labeled as the White Witch, but this slinky gal could be, if you assume the white hound is an Arctic wolf. She’s got the crown and staff/wand.

The witch says here “Bring me the son of Adam.”

From a cover illustration for The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. (Ignore the saccharine Lucy with her Cindy Brady hair.) The witch is wearing furs and an unusual Jack-of-Diamonds crown with a white fur trim. She seems to be giving a side-eye to the owl who is displaying a book showing, presumably, the prophecy of the four thrones. The pic is not dated, but if made after 2000 I’m sure the owl was thrown in because of its popularity in the Harry Potter franchise. There were no Narnian owls mentioned in LWW.

The Snow Queen, from a quick release DVD animated movie. Not the best character design — she looks like He-Man’s enemy Evil-Lynn — but she could serve well as the witch given her narrowed eyes and frown.

I was experimenting in Midjourney and came up with this pic of the White Witch in a double horned hennin (what Maleficient in the Disney movies wears.) The AI did it on its own.

Edmond gets the point of all this. Do you?

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