Worldbuilding Wednesday 12/21/20: Christmas Cocktails

Bright and glittery Christmas cocktails (AI art)

The Yuletide season brings with it some traditional alcoholic drinks. Grog, mulled wine, hot toddys, wassail, and eggnog are but a few. There’s also lesser known ones, like rumpopo, which is a Mexican liquor equivalent to eggnog.

Of course there’s already drinks called The Naughty List and The Nice list, given the barkeeping world’s penchant for childish names with double entendres.

If you need one of your own, here’s a randomgenned list.


Christmas Cocktails

Russian Snowplow

Christmas Whippet

Burning Chimney

Alvin the Reindeer

Loco Ho-Ho

Blitzen’s Sneaky Stinger

Ice Peeler

Nutcracker Bombadier

Elf in a Fruitcake

Muddy Snowfort

Tiny Tim’s Tickler

Rumble in the Snow

Krampus Nailer

Frosty Crawler

Snowman Melter

Scrooge Shooter

Santa’s Sucker

Frosty Tonsils

The Even Naughtier List

Snow Queen’s Stockings


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