Worldbuilding Wednesday 12/13/23: Species of Santa

An old hand-colored photo of Santa Claus in Czarist Russia – NOT. (AI generated)

Santa Claus is a European invention, and the idea of Santa wearing a red suit with white trim, black boots, and a stocking cap, an American one. Courtesy of the Coca-Cola company which costumed him such to match the red in their company logo, which was for an ad campaign. But even so, the same outfit and character, in different places around the world, takes on some of its local color. Like here. (Entirely fictional and generated by AI, but it’s fun.)


Different kinds of Santas

Botswana: Santa travels around with a small brown pony and tells children enrapturing stories.

Mongolia: Santa stuffs his jacket to obtain a proper paunch and wears a white fur hat. The fleecy details on his costume are made of uncombed goat’s fleece.

Easter Island: Santa doesn’t come here, but one of the statues is dressed up as Santa.

Venezuela: Santa parades through the streets spreading cheer and occasionally sits down on a chair in the middle of the avenue, stopping traffic.

Samoa: Santa wears red shorts and walks around barefoot. He wears a scarf of tropical greenery and gives people rides on his back.

Japan: Santa writes children’s names in sumi-e style and gives it to them as a gift. He is much older than the usual Santa, looking to be in his 90s.

New Delhi, India: Santa travels around in a wheelchair accompanied by a dwarf wearing a Sihk turban, whose cheeks he pinches.

Hunan Province, China: Santa’s coat is red and embroidered with traditional Chinese designs in gold thread. He wears glasses and his beard is very long. Underneath the coat he wears practical white sweatpants.

Antarctica, McMurdo Sound Station: Santa arrives in a raft accompanied by penguin chicks.¬† But it’s customary for everyone there to dress¬† up as Santa, really, and cavort around outside. (Christmas in Antarctica comes at the height of the summer season.)


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