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Worldbuilding Wednesday 8/11/21: Narnian Islands
xxxx(Narnia XXVI)

If you are like me, you probably wish The Voyage of the Dawn Treader had gone and on, with Caspian and crew exploring ever more exotic places. That book remains unwritten, but here’s some randomly generated islands they might have explored, if they’d had time.   Other Islands of Narnia Ashvows: Several Star People live …

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In the Great Desert

The Great Desert of the world of Narnia held a few surprises, such as this Calormene fortress.

Tashbaan and its Protector

A beautifully rendered view of the city of Tashbaan, top, and the God Tash, bottom. It wasn’t until The Last Battle that the reader finds out Tash is real, and evil, and received sacrifices of human beings.

Narnia in the Real World

Last year, while researching Narnia, I found out about the existence of a Florida rock band called White Witch. I don’t know if the name was inspired by Narnia or not. But there are plenty of other musical groups and even companies who looked to Lewis for inspiration. The Australian rock band Silverchair was perhaps …

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Worldbuilding Wednesday 8/4/21: Let’s Talk About
xxxxCair Paravel (Narnia XXV)

Just where the land of Narnia met the sea—in fact, at the mouth of the great river—there was something on a little hill, shining. It was shining because it was a castle and of course the sunlight was reflected from all the windows which looked towards Peter and the sunset; but to Peter it looked …

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Asdis or Jadslan?

What if Aslan, instead of defeating the White Witch, usurped her position?

The Great Sea Serpent

Suddenly, only about the length of a cricket pitch from their port side, an appalling head reared itself out of the sea. It was all greens and vermilions with purple blotches—except where shell fish clung to it—and shaped rather like a horse’s, though without ears. It had enormous eyes, eyes made for staring through the …

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Worldbuilding Wednesday 7/28/21: Places in Narnia
xxxx(Narnia XXIV)

One thing Narnia did not have is a lot of human towns. In fact, I can think of only two: the Telmarine settlements of Beruna and Beaversdam. There’s also a town called Chippingford in The Last Battle but whether it is human or not is unclear. There’s also some kind of human settlement around Cair …

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Queen Susan the Vain

That’s what this playing card design seems to say. I would sort the suits as follows, however: Susan as diamonds (her beauty); Lucy as hearts (her spirit and kindness); Peter as spades (because the pointy tip is like his sword, and it’s the coolest of the cards); and Edmund as clubs, because it’s the leftover …

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All Things Charn: The Fanfics [Reviews]

  In this post I am taking a detour from Charn to talk about fanfic of Charn. Narnian fanfic has been on the internet for at least two and a half decades, though not in the massive amounts inspired by the Disney live-action movies. The pre-Disney fanfics were based on the books, and far more …

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