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Worldbuilding Wednesday 3/27/19: Superheroines

Captain Marvel, now riding high at the box office, debuted under the name of Ms. Marvel in 1977 as a spinoff of Spider-man. Maryjane is worshipful, Peter Parker dubious, and J. Jonah Jameson chomping at the bit at her arrival. How about some other superheroines courtesy of random generation…? Superheroines. Swamp Nymph Scarlet Stalker Ms. …

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News from Planet LoCarb

I receive a smorgasbord of robot-generated spam on this site, most of which I delete. But every once in a while a receive a gem so perfect, so diamond-like in its sheer garbled incompetentness, that I have to share it. This one read like a randomly constructed SF novel. He was still stuck on thats …

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Your Captive Heart

I’ve got your heart on a chain.

Worldbuilding Wednesday 3/20/19: Cetaceans

BIG NEWS from the whale world! A group of cetacean experts identified and took a DNA sample from a mysterious sub-group of killer whales living in the Southern Hemisphere. The mysterious whales, called Type D, have been photographed in recent years, but not studied. They are slightly smaller than genotype species and have a tiny, …

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Ahab’s Folly

Dramatic steampunk version of Captain Ahab harpooning Moby Dick, by ArcaneChroma.

Worldbuilding Wednesday 3/13/19: Fashion Houses

Sometimes, when you’re writing, you need to stick in a mention of a haute couture suit or award ceremony gown, but don’t want to date the piece by using a contemporary designer. Here’s some names that will fill that role. . Fashion Houses August Brunaut Angeroli Hilbocher Saint-Melrant Ravaux de Vistrenzi Perschino Astraux Igneus Carmacci …

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Tales from La Vida [Reading Challenge 2019]

Tales from La Vida: A LatinX Comics Anthology Edited by Frederick Luis Aldama Mad Creek Books, an imprint of Ohio State University Press, 2018 [EXTRA CREDIT: A book about a person of color (PoC), any variety, written by an author of the same variety] I’m tacking on this book as extra credit to the above …

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Altered Seventeen magazine covers from artist Carmen Burguess.

Worldbuilding Wednesday 3/6/19: Short and Sweet

Sometimes you don’t want a name that’s too long or complicated for a gaming character… something short and easy to say. Here’s a few. Short Names Ghanin Choart Armsin Opan Zasn Chard Chaer Othan Torzan Milven Gandrud Jandal Zulsh Lurth Krind Marn Vitchun Amun Uvan Sephin Chars Gyrn Charl Joforn Elz Seph Dazsh Olans Pantch …

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The Orca Exploded

Mural by the talented street artist Nychos