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Rogue Reindeer

Since it’s near Christmas, let’s look at the world of fantastical reindeer. This caribou man, opposite, was included in an AD&D manual as a decorative illustration. He wasn’t listed as a monster with his own stats, which was too bad. (He’s definitely Quebecois because of the hairy chest.) A homebrew gamer did decide to go …

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Worldbuilding Wednesday 12/16/20: Christmas Characters

Santa, and Father Christmas and Sinter Klaas before him, is the penultimate character representing Christmas spirit, but he has many helpers. In Germany, there’s his evil counterpart Krampus, and since 1823 (when A Visit from St. Nicholas — better known as The Night Before Christmas — was first published) his reindeer. In the twentieth century …

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Fairy Queen

French comic artist Olivier Ledroit’s fairies have a wicked, wide-eyed, kinky look even as they verge into  disappearing into their own ornamentation. Like Louis Wain’s schizophrenic cats, they’re hypnotic.

Worldbuilding Wednesday 12/9/20: Healing Herbs

It’s common in fantasy books for characters to be wounded, and commoner still for said characters to experience miraculous cures from native plants. Sometimes these are authentic, like those in the Brother Cadfael series of historical mysteries. Others are fictional. Stephen Donaldson’s Thomas Covenant series had hurtloam, Tolkien had athelas, Narnia had the juice of …

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The Poisonwood Bible [Reading Challenge 2020]

The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver Harper Collins, 1998 [Challenge # 18 :  A book taking place in Africa.] I switched my African read from The Fate of Africa because I came upon this book in one of the local Little Free Libraries and started reading it while in line to drop off some junk …

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Heavy Hearted

Innocent, disturbing, whimsical, and exact, all at once.

Revolting Reindeer

Reindeer are the only cervines (members of the deer family) to be domesticated by humans. As such, they enjoy a cozy, familiar status like chicken, ducks, pigs, and domestic pets do. But, like Santa whose sled they haul each December, they have a darker side despite their cheer and competence. Let’s take these odd toys …

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Worldbuilding Wednesday 12/2/20: States of Confusion
xxxx (Gulf Coast)

States may not be able to change their names without a lot of legislature, but it’s possible to change their flag. Mississippi was just fine with this state flag for 126 years, even though it featured the Confederate flag that in recent years has gone from being a symbol of rebel pride to racist tyranny. …

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Mexipulp Man-Eating Plant

Illustration for a Mexican pulp magazine of the 1970s. Sensational, amateurish, colorful, and likely quick to execute in gouache or poster paint. I like the paint-by-numbers quality of it.

Worldbuilding Wednesday 11/28/20: Scooby-Doo

If you were an American child of the 1960s, I can’t emphasize how awesome Scooby Doo, Where Are You? was when it debuted on Saturday Morning TV in 1969. It was radically different from anything that went before. The animation was top-notch and the storylines more complicated than animals chasing each other around with hammers. …

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