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Who abandoned this androgynous statue in the lake? And why?

Worldbuilding Wednesday 1/30/19: Pokemon

Pokemon (short for Poketto Monsuta, Japanese for Pocket Monsters) began life as a video game originally designated for the Nintendo Gameboy. Its creator, Satoshi Tajiri, was inspired by his childhood hobby of collecting insects. Throughout Pokemon’s tenure as a video game, trading card, manga, anime, and now, cell phone app, the theme of creature collection, …

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Sick Snow Queen

Here’s a different take on the classic Snow Queen story. What if she was ill, and needed Kay’s lifeblood to survive?

Worldbuilding Wednesday 1/23/19: Ice Cream Flavors

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Fifty years ago, when you walked into a grocery store, you did not see the many flavors of ice cream available these days. No, fifty years ago, there was only chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, or all three of them packaged together, in a cardboard box …

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The Pit and the Pendulum

The Japanese always take horror to the max, including Edgar Allen Poe.

Worldbuilding Wednesday 1/16/19: Exotic Vegetables

What is the difference between a fruit and vegetable, anyway? Traditionally, fruits taste sweet, and vegetables savory, that is, not sweet.  But this doesn’t account for the tomato (sweet) being in the vegetable section of the supermarket, or the melon family being divided in two, with some members (cantalope, watermelon) being fruits, and others vegetables, …

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Those Savage Queens

These days, you can’t spit in fantasy art without hitting some variant of a beautiful, barely clad female lounging on a throne, pasties on her nipples, a pout on her pretty face. The strong suggestion is she rules by whim and her power is absolute, a thing which, I’m sure, many of the male artists …

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Sideways Roller Coaster

This unique sideways roller coaster was the only one of its kind produced. It was abandoned, along with the amusement park, after the final cataclysm hit the city.

Worldbuilding Wednesday 1/9/19: Fantasy Fruits

To come up with some exotic fruit for a fantasy kingdom it is not necessary to look beyond this world. The strange-looking fruit above, known as a Buddha’s Hand, is a cultivar (a genetic variant encouraged by fruit growers) of the citron tree, and in the same general family as oranges and limes. It looks …

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Reading Challenge 2019

It’s the time to clean out my To-Read drawer and boxes for this year’s Challenge. Mostly the drawer and the first box I got my hands on. I’m hoping this year’s list will be easier than last year’s. One of the attributes I have to keep in mind for these 12 months is that a …

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