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    (and a bit about Giants)
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The White Album
[Reading Challenge 2023]

The White Album by Joan Didion Open Road Media, 2017 (Originally published by Simon & Schuster, 1979) [ #1 — 3rd Year, 23rd Letter: A book whose title begins with the letter W) ] When I first made up my reading list at the start of the year I hadn’t decided on a candidate for …

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Narnia Bento Boxes

With the magic of Midjourney, here’s some AI-created Narnia-themed bento boxes! Using a photorealistic style after those posted in Gourmet magazine. This is the first one. Rustic container, Aslan cut-food art (I think it’s daikon radish) in the center, something that looks like Turkish Delight to his upper left. I had specified Narnian foods, thinking …

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May the Purple Reign

When the Prince Caspian movie came out in 2008, someone made this spoof.

Narnian Witches: Jadis

Now we come to my favorite part of the Summer of Narnia — posting endless depictions of my favorite character, Queen Jadis, late of Charn. (She’s the same person as the White Witch, but Queen of Charn is her first incarnation, so to speak.) There have been many stage productions of The Magician’s Nephew over …

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Russian White Witch

A lovely Russian-inspired White Witch with a cruel expression.

Worldbuilding Wednesday 8/9/23: Narnian Inns (Narnia XLVI)

By the end of the reign of the Telmarine kings, the human population of Narnia had grown. In The Silver Chair, in fact, it’s stated that one in five citizens was a human, the rest being dwarves, Talking Beasts, centaurs, and the like. And if there’s one thing humans love, it’s having  a drink in …

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The Granta Book of India
[Reading Challenge 2023]

The Granta Book of India Edited by Ian Jack Granta Publications, 2004 [ #15:  East meets West:  A book taking place in Asia (Turkey to Japan, Siberia to Vietnam) ] The local Little Free Library has, again, provided me with a challenge book! This one, The Granta Book of India. I had a good experience …

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White Witch, kinda Tilda Swintonish.

I thought I was done with the White Witch pics for the summer, but then I came across this gorgeous AI one. But note there was no white horse in the story!

Malice in Jade [Narnia Fanfic]

A Chronicles of Narnia fanfic — NSFW   Malice In Jade   I find such pleasure in tormenting this fool.

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Worldbuilding Wednesday 8/2/23: The House of Caspian
xxxx(Narnia XLV)

 As I speculated in last week’s Worldbuilding Wednesday post, the family line of Caspian never had a proper name. English history had the Plantagenet kings, the Lancasters, the York, Tudors, and Stuarts… all the way down to the House of Windsor, that of the newly crowned King Charles III. What gives? I know, writer forgetfulness …

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