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Strange and alien creatures abound in SFF media, but most of the time we don’t get to see their skeletons. This screenshot, however, from one of the Predator movies, gives tempting hints of what lies beneath the skin or scales. Of course there are some human skulls (still with spines) there, because man is the …

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Wigged Out

This would have been only a slightly disturbing domestic scene but for the skull head of the man and the wig rest head of the tabby cat.


Skull covered in Swarovsky crystals


These candy-colored lollipop skeletons would make any human drool. (Artwork by Jason Limon)  

The Skeleton

Existential angst that is in store for all of us one day, if we’re still sentient that is.

Narwhals: Arctic Whales in a Melting World [Reading Challenge 2020]

Narwhals: Arctic Whales in a Melting World by Todd McLeish University of Washington Press, 2013 [Challenge # 22 : A book taking place mostly or all on water.] My first choice for this category, Blackfish City, didn’t work out, so I subbed Narwhals one after noticing I had saved it to my Seattle Public Library …

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Skeleton Dreams

What do skeletons dream about when Halloween has passed? A Night on Bald Mountain parade of damned souls and evil witches, of course!  

Two Books about Skeletons [Review]

Unnatural Selection by Katrina van Grouw Princeton University Press, 2018 How does evolution happen? This is the behind Unnatural Selection, written by natural history curator and illustrator Katrina van Grouw. She approaches it from a direction unfashionable these days, though one that Charles Darwin received inspiration from: the selective breeding of domesticated animals. Unnatural Selection …

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Hey, you.

Victorian-era skeletons in a medical engraving