Category: Horror

Devil Dance

  This prancing devil has real style.  


Beware the Loup-Garou! Especially if he’s turned green.

The Cool Girl

The Cool Girl A horror trifle I wrote in two hours, flexing my Lovecraft muscles. Slightly NSFW.   Lexi wanted to be one of the cool kids at Miskatonic Prep. The Cool didn’t call themselves that, of course. The not-cool had named them that. The Cool had the latest clothing, the hottest haircuts, the most …

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Universal Indifference

Do you think the universe actually cares about you?

Zombie Walk

Zombie Walk in Venice, 2016

The Doll

The Doll threatened all by its very presence.    

Getting Ahead

Let’s get a-HEAD of ourselves with the Steampunk theme.  

Interview with Jaap Boekestein

Transformed, an anthology of erotic shapeshifting stories, is soon to be published by Pen and Kink Press. Here’s a short interview with Jaap Boekestein, author of the short story Wolf Chest. In my naivete, I thought it was about a werewolf with a buff chest, a six-pack perhaps, but it was something far different… a …

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“Why are ugly tattoos lauded, and self-harm not?” she thought.

The Dig

A few brushstrokes brought the skull to light. She dribbled some water on it to remove the caked clay. Homo denisova… the first intact cranium. Then she gasped, crabwalking back. Where the water had touched bone, skin and hair were growing. I write this flashfic in under five minutes. I’m more than a little proud …

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