Worldbuilding Wednesday 3/30/22: Shunned Locations (Lovecraft IV)

Miskatonik University may be the most beloved of Lovecraft’s imaginary locations. This Ivy League college, known for its library of occult books and daring expeditions, lies near a river of the same name which runs through imaginary Arkham, Massachusetts, *  which Lovecraft based on Salem. He even drew his own map of the city to aid his writing. Miskatonic University t-shirts can be readily purchased online along with other items to show your school spirit (or spirits, given its reputation.)

Lovecraft’s other human settlements, Innsmouth, Kingsport, and Dunwich, also had real-life Massachusetts analogs. In the case of Innsmouth, it was Newburyport.

Of the inhuman and alien locations R’lyeh, Cthulhu’s submerged city in the South Pacific, remains the best known. But there’s also the Mountains of Madness and the Plateau of Leng, which pops up in a recent graphic novel I read, Locke & Key, as “The Plain of Leng.” Many of Lovecraft’s locations make out-of-genre cameos like this, even on the dwarf planet Pluto, where several features are named for Mythos elements. Who says Life does not imitate Art?

In the same spirit here are more places a shady character or Great Old One might hang out.


Shunned Locations

The Hewes Museum

Caverns of Algol

The Land of Shan

Iuman of the Unseen Dunes

Gulf of Hastit

The Blasted Moors

Gate of Thuban

Wiskachanik River

Wulfham College

Mishgahoolik State Library

The Hell-Gates

Arxhan River

Osnam Memorial Hospital

The Inhuman City-state
of Aygnalla

Hodgeson Sanitarium

The Aetheric University

City of K’thun

The Dream City of Sathep

The Shining Silver Gulf

Sea of Xoth

The Crimson Library of Vhuthoa

The Nameless Mountains

Limekiln Asylum

The Burning Tower of Yorghra

The Shugyok Empire

The Sathsothor Depths

Plateau of Ptaeth

Monstrous Temple of
the Myidd-Myidd

* In the DC comic universe, Arkham Asylum is where Batman’s foes get put after their defeat.

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