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Worldbuilding Wednesday 4/12/23: Dark Acadamia (Secret Societies)

 Now let’s get down to what makes a Dark Acadamia setting truly dark: the secret societies! There are for students, and in the Ivy League schools, for the elitist of the elite. Dartmouth has its Sphinx Society, Princeton its 21 Club, and Yale, the most notorious one of all: The Skull and Bones, thrust into …

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Worldbuilding Wednesday 4/5/23: Dark Acadamia (Schools)

 For some reason, there aren’t as many fictional colleges around as there are cities, states, and countries. Of them, Miskatonic University, H. P. Lovecraft’s creation and the setting for many of his stories, is the best known and detailed, even having a map. (I’d call those stories Dark Academia before the term existed, even though …

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Wicked Fairy

Art created in AI. Arthur Rackham-like, no?

Elric: Fit, Frail or Fey?

  It is the colour of a bleached skull, his flesh; and the long hair which flows below his shoulders is milk-white. From the tapering, beautiful head stare two slanting eyes, crimson and moody, and from the loose sleeves of his yellow gown emerge two slender hands, also the colour of bone, resting on each …

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Worldbuilding Wednesday 3/1/23: The Best of Twittersnips (Plants)

A selection of plant-related Twittersnips from the years 2017 – 2020.   Plants Plants Butterstink Blessed Weaselwand Thimble of Thorns Toadbeard Herbal Infusions Weeping skullcap Extraction of crushed foxpot Essence of sweethimble and pussy-pine Frogboot stamen solution that reduces a fever Brew of hairy queenspike bark and greatblossom seeds Nurestink Pollen Oil Pink Fiddlerus Velvet …

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Worldbuilding Wednesday 2/22/23: Return to Melniboné

I went to generate a pic of Elric on a Melnibonéan dragon by using the prompt “Albino warrior, black armor, rainbow dragon” and look what I got! But it’s so cool looking I’m going to keep it. A more conventional Elric was generated later and you can see him to the side. I did an …

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Worldbuilding Wednesday 1/4/23: Best of Twittersnips 2022 (Magic Items)

My favorite Twittersnip magic items of 2022.   2022 Magic Items Anzha’s Bubble: This glass bubble measures 2” and constantly shifts colors. When held in the palm, it induces memories of the most tranquil place the holder ever visited, inducing in them calm and peace. Bag of the Banshee: This cursed sack screams loudly whenever …

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Worldbuilding Wednesday 12/28/22: Best of Twittersnips 2022 (Spells)

My favorite Twittersnip spells of the year!   2022 Spells Alter Skeletal Alignment: Gives the effect of a visit to the chiropractor on any creature that has bones. Arrow of the Mage: Not a physical arrow, but the dynamics of ‘shooting’ it are the same. Enables one mage to send a spell they know to …

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Worldbuilding Wednesday 12/7/22: Magic Spells of Ancient Egypt

As far as we know, most of the magic spells of ancient Egypt dealt with protecting the dead on their journey to the afterlife. Amulets were concealed in mummy wrappings and spell-prayers carved in hieroglyphics all around the tombs — on the walls, columns, even ceilings. These people took their afterlife very seriously. As I …

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Worldbuilding Wednesday 11/16/22: Let’s Talk About -ling

A few months ago, back in August 2022, the ARCs (advanced reader’s copies) of a YA fantasy novel, Lightlark, were released to selected readers and reviewers to generate some buzz. The author, Alex Aster, had generated plenty already. Already active on BookTok — the TikTok community centered around reading and authors — she’d been talking …

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