Worldbuilding Wednesday 12/28/22: Best of Twittersnips 2022 (Spells)

Paper Avalanche spell in action

My favorite Twittersnip spells of the year!


2022 Spells

Alter Skeletal Alignment:
Gives the effect of a visit to the chiropractor on any creature that has bones.

Arrow of the Mage: Not a physical arrow, but the dynamics of ‘shooting’ it are the same. Enables one mage to send a spell they know to another. Must have a clear line of sight with no impediments.

Befoul Bedpillow: How lovely is it to climb into bed and rest your head on a fresh, clean pillow? This spell deposits a fresh cat hairball in the center of the linen just as your enemy’s head will hit it.

Bittersweet Prospects: A complicated but powerful cleric spell that is similar to a curse. Ensures that the next good thing that is experienced by the victim is then matched by a bad experience of equal weight.

Blue Contemplation spell

Blue Contemplation: Any creature using magic will recover spells more quickly under this spell, which requires them to sit and meditate, alone, under an open sky.

Bookish Beast: Causes intelligent animal monsters to be suddenly interested in reading, no matter what else they have been doing.

Brief Shadow: One of the easiest first spells all mages learn. Creates a brief dark shape that slips by at the target’s edge of vision. Can be used as a distraction.

Bruetta’s Instant Lift: Caffeinates any beverage, giving it the effect of a double espresso.

Calligraphy Control: A spell highly prized by creators of hand-lettered manuscripts. Ensures the writing is accurate, perfect, even, and legible for as long as the spell lasts.

Chamber of Avarice: Creates the illusion a room is filled with gold and all sorts of treasure. But the moment anyone takes an (illusory) item out of the room, it vanishes. Good for testing the integrity of visiting beings.

Coiffure Assassin, AKA “The Hair-don’t”

Clear-Eyed Canine: Many dogs develop problems with eye discharge. This spell cures that, as well as giving them full-color vision and sharpened focus.

Coiffure Assassin: Ruins an enemy’s hairdo.

Cordelan’s Loveless Aging Curse: Convinces the victim they will never find true love and will die alone. The feeling is so intense that more sensitive beings will kill themselves.

Create Flying Omnibus: High level mages only. Creates a flying transport capable of carrying up to 40 human-sized beings which is under the mage’s control. It can last up to six hours depending on the caster’s level.

Discussion Following Tour: When cast on a group, all members will keep absolutely quiet when crossing a perilous place or location. When the danger is over, they are allowed to ask questions.

Disguise Intelligence: Makes the caster, or recipient, appear to have the intelligence of a cretin to others (below 5)

Dispense Lava: Causes any kind of beverage container (like a flagon, wineskin, etc.) to pour out red-hot lava instead of liquid refreshment. Obviously a spell to be used on enemies.

Emanicipation Force: This powerful wave of energy will instantly free all caged, chained, or bound creatures in its path.

Favored Rival: The victim’s rival, whether in love, skill, politics, will always get the better of them as long as the victim is under this spell.

Fervor of the Shape-Changer: When cast on a being with shapechanging abilities or spells, this spell causes them to waste that power by using it whenever possible even if they don’t have to.

Food Wave spell. All the dishes are already cooked and plated.

Food Wave: Cast only by the sea. Makes the next wave that comes in bring a variety of tasty fish, clams, crab, and the like and deposits them at the feet of the caster.

Gandion’s Miniature Shoe: This annoying spell shrinks one of the victim’s shoes to the point where they can’t wear it anymore.

Gem Excision: Frees a raw gemstone from the surrounding rock or a jewelry setting.

Gracile Ruler: Makes an ordinary ruler bend and twist to measure items that are curved or awkwardly shaped.

Haunt Pumpkin: Clerical spell that traps an incorporeal undead being inside a carved pumpkin. The spell lasts until the pumpkin’s face rots away.

Helm Searcher: This spell searches for magic helms and helmets, giving the direction and the distance. It can be for any magic helm, or only a certain type.

Illya’s Wight Wagon: Clerical spell that causes a ghostly carriage with two skeletal horses to appear. Only evil characters can ride in it, and they become incorporeal as well.

Instant Brood: When cast of a clutch of eggs, the spell makes them hatch instantly into whatever sort of creature they are.

Kyrthren’s Broad Dissertion: The recipient will talk loudly and at length about any subject suggested by the caster, to the detriment of all else.

Lady of The Snowy Heavens: Causes a giant, shimmering apparition of a goddess to appear in the sky during a blizzard. The figure can gesture but not speak.

Loneliness in the Mist

Loneliness in the Mist: When cast on a group of beings in the fog or other misty conditions they will wander away from each other and become hopelessly lost.

Mask of The Ant: When this magic mask is worn, the wearer is able to carry up to ten times their body weight, just like an ant does!

Molepurse: Hides a small purse and whatever is in it below the surface of the earth. When the spell is recalled, the purse burrows back to the surface wherever it was cached.

Mummify Heart: Many high-level spells require the heart of a certain monster in powdered form as one of their components. This spell dries and preserves the fresh heart so it can be used. Does not work on a living heart.

Muster High Elf: Convinces a high elven warrior to fight in the caster’s army, no matter what their cause.

Nix’s Random Defeat: When cast on a group of fighters, one random person will suffer defeat the next time they are hit (meaning, death, unconsciousness, being affected by a spell, etc.)

Dog under the effect of a Prism Hound spell

Paper Avalanche: When cast in a library or bookstore, this evil spell rips all the pages from all the books, shreds them, then smothers the victim in them.

Prism Hound: Makes a canine emit dozens of tiny rainbows around itself when it moves, as if they were made out of a prism. Useful for keeping track of a pack of dogs.

Prolong Labor: The victim of this spell takes twice as long to finish whatever task they were doing.

Quick Formation: When cast on a group of soldiers, it makes them move quickly into the a predetermined battle formation and begin to march.

Red Frost of the Road: When cast on an icy road or path, it makes the ice appear covered with fresh blood.

Repulse Mandibles: Any creature with mandibles – insects, aliens, demons, etc. – will move away from the caster even if they want to attack them. This is an area spell so thousands of small insects can be affected.

Reverse Smoke: Causes smoke to flow down instead of up. Useful for concealing a campfire.

Ring of Strange Cats: On command, six to twelve unfamiliar felines will appear and encircle the target of the spell, hissing and stalking as they walk around them menacingly. The cats will be whatever felines are in the immediate area, including lions or tigers.

Sentinal Scar

Roving Skeleton: “Programs” one of these undead to randomly walk around a specific area defined by the caster.

Sentinal Scar: This clerical spell enchants a character’s scar to throb or pulse when the being or creature that gave them the scar comes near them again.

Shadow of a Prayer: A very powerful spell that saves a character when ordinarily they wouldn’t have “a shadow of a prayer” of surviving certain death.

Shield of the Younglings:  Creates an invisible force field to protect the young of any being or creature against attack by evil.

Shunlandra’s Hunger-Gnawed Leaf: A hungry being can find its hunger sated for 6 hours by nibbling on a green leaf on which this spell has been cast. The leaf only works one time for one person.

Skezwa’s Puddle Hound: Inflicts a nervous bladder on hunting dogs, so they have to stop to pee constantly.

Smile for a Treat: On hearing this spell, all canines and canine monsters will stop what they are doing and grin broadly in a silly fashion until thrown a small snack.

Sneaky Corn: Only cast on a just-seeded field of grain. Makes the crop grow only if no one is looking at it.

Somber Student: Created by a teacher who was also a mage, this spell stops fidgeting and giggling so the child can concentrate on its studies.

Soul Appetite

Soul Appetite: Creates a hunger for spiritual enlightenment in the recipient.

Speed Birder: Invented by an ornithologist-mage, this spell enables the caster to accurately know the number of a specific species of bird in one area.

Squamous Activity: Causes snakes to emerge from their burrows or other hiding places (but not control them.)

Stride into the Light: Victims under this spell will walk toward whatever light source is available. Very useful when fighting undead.

Taunt Lich: The caster is able to use the most insulting language possible to jeer at an otherwise phlegmatic lich, causing the lich to lose its cool and attack.

Twanini’s Steam Spray: When the caster points their index finger a come of steam jets out, hot enough to hurt and repel but not hot enough to damage skin. Can also be used to smooth wrinkled clothing.

Unlucky Sentinel: Makes a guard or watchman fall asleep on the job.

Vanquish Athlete: Lets the caster win any one-on-one athletic contest no matter how out of shape they are.

Veldtumble’s Dodging Slide: Lets a thief or rogue character successfully dodge blows in combat by sliding suddenly to the right or left.

Waking of the Lid: Clerical spell that levitates the lid of a coffin, sarcophagus, or casket off the bottom while the cleric waits safely at a distance.

Whitestag’s Quickening: Creates a longing to go on a noble, epic adventure in the recipient, so that they next time they are asked, they are sure to agree.

Wynile’s Elven Fruit: Changes regular fruit into fruit varieties prized by the elves.


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