Worldbuilding Wednesday 12/7/22: Magic Spells of Ancient Egypt

As far as we know, most of the magic spells of ancient Egypt dealt with protecting the dead on their journey to the afterlife. Amulets were concealed in mummy wrappings and spell-prayers carved in hieroglyphics all around the tombs — on the walls, columns, even ceilings. These people took their afterlife very seriously.

As I said in my previous post, it’s logical that clerical powers and magic overlapped to a certain extent. Here’s a selection of spells that priests and mages both might have used.


Magic Spells of Ancient Egypt

Agility of Wadjet: Lets the caster dodge spells, blows, and missiles with the quickness of the cobra goddess Wadjet.

Animate Melon: This easy to learn, low-level spell lets the caster control the movement of a melon up to watermelon-size, making it roll, bounce, and sail through the air. Larger melons have a good chance of knocking a target out cold if it hits their head.

Dust Eclipse: A powerful spell that whips up dust from the desert and uses it to blot out the sun in the caster’s immediate area.

Embalm Fetid Corpse: It’s extremely unpleasant for mummifiers to work with a corpse that has begun to decay. This spell neutralizes the odors so their job is more pleasant.

Gather Ka: If any loose souls are in the area this spell will bring them together.

Grow Rushes: Makes rushes (water reeds) at a shore’s surface grow as tall as trees. The spell can be reversed to shrink them so they are no larger than blades of grass.

Halt Griffin: Stops griffins in their tracks as if an invisible wall has been placed before them.

Hammerwhistle: Makes a metalsmith’s hammer whistle every time it strikes a blow. Each whistle will attract an onlooker who will feel compelled to help the smith in some way.

Hands of Isis: This spell makes the caster’s hands unusually beautiful: shapely, graceful, and decorated with henna. It’s sure to add to a female character’s charisma.

Humiliation of Tawaret: Tawaret was the goddess of childbirth and was depicted as having the head of a hippopatomus. This spell was designed for female mages to cast on a rival, making the enemy gain three times their body weight in pure fat.

Hymn of Flight: When chanted, it lets the magic user fly through the air with the agility of a bird. If the chanting is interrupted, however, the user falls.

Mummify Perfume Cone: Perfume cones were worn by the Egyptian elite to scent themselves. Animal fat, most likely, was mixed with spices and scents and the whole worn on top of the head, often over a wig. As the cone melted in Egypt’s heat it scented the scalp of the wearer and conditioned their hair as well. But, being made of fat, the comes could not be mummified for the use of the dead in the usual way. This spell gets around the cone’s oily nature and preserves it for eternity.

Path of The Scarab: Scarabs were revered in Ancient Egypt because they rolled dung in a ball across the sand, like the way the sun travels in the sky. This spell has nothing to do with dung however. When cast, it will determine which direction the sun is currently traveling, even if it can’t be seen.

Protection of The High Priest: A bless spell that creates an invisible aura other priests or priestesses can sense and know who the recipient is protected by.

Quiet Underworld: A spell cast on the dead that ensures their passage to eternal life goes smoothly.

Set’s Summon Pimple: Creates an unsightly blemish on a foe’s face.

Skin of the Serpent: Covers the mage’s body with soft, supple scales all over which adds to their base defense against sunburn, sand blasting, insect stings, and chemical weapons that cause blisters or rashes.


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