Worldbuilding Wednesday 1/3/24: Best of Twittersnips 2023 (Magic Items)

Pocket Bath

My favorite Twittersnip magic items of the 2023.


2023 Magic Items (Best of)

Basket of Adoration: Whatever is put into this large woven basket elicits oohs and aahhs of admiration from viewers, and if it is a living being, the desire to nurture and protect it… no matter what sort of creature it is.

Below the Belt with the Belt of True Agony

Belt of True Agony: When a male character wears this, any unarmored blow (that is, a hit with bare flesh) hits them “below the belt” – in the groin. The belt cannot be removed except with a curse neutralizer.

Book Brazier: This cursed item compels the owner to burn their own books in it, and when their own books are gone, they will steal other’s books to burn as well.

Brylan’s Undead Tonic: The drinker believes they have become a zombie, even if others tell them otherwise.

Effect of drinking a Celidway’s Essence potion

Celidway’s Essence: This bright green, glittering potion makes beautiful flowers appear in the drinker’s hair, adding to their charisma, especially towards fairy-kin.

Draconic Divination: Not an item or spell per se, but a method for mages to forecast the future with 75% accuracy by using a set of polished dragon scales procured from around the creature’s eye ridges. It takes several months to learn this skill.

Girdle of the Leopard Queen: For females only. Increases Charisma, Comeliness, and Dexterity by 5 points each when it is worn.

Grillian’s Buffing Poultice:  Used on edged weapons, this creates such a fine, sharp edge the weapon’s damage is increased by +2 for the next few days. It is found in a small tin.

Helm of The Mastiff: In the shape of a fierce, ugly dog, this helm grants the wearer +2 on regular attacks, +4 against feline attacks, and unlimited tenacity and courage.

Helm of the Mountain Goat

Helm of the Mountain Goat: +1 helmet that gives the wearer an extra butting attack with their head once per round.

Horns of The Maiden Moon: This silver weapon is shaped like the curve of the crescent moon and is thrown like a boomerang. It has a +2 change of decapitating or cutting a limb/appendage off any male creature it hits. Female beings are immune to this effect but take edge damage. The weapon can only be wielded by females.

Lozenges of Celestial Patience: Used by clerics when they have to listen to a lot of long, boring confessions from members of their congregation.

Nevé’s Terrible Tankard: Holds whatever alcoholic beverage is put into it until the holder takes a sip. Then the liquid drains out through a surprise hole in the bottom.

Philtre of Whaleface: Makes the drinker’s face so fat and swollen they look like a whale for 12 hours.

Pocket Bath: A 1” white porcelain cube that expands into a fully functional bathroom with toilet, sink, and toiletry items.

Payob’s Glass Orb: The owner of this item gains 1) a sincere heart; 2) the desire to impart peace at all costs; and 3) a +1 to any weapon they use in enforcement of # 2. The orb affects even beings of evil alignments.

Ring of Dodging Artistic Expression: A cursed ring that eliminates an artist’s ability to create original art. Which means they can only make copies of other’s art.

Effect of a Ring of Slumbering Scales

Ring of Slumbering Scales: Lets the wearer cast a sleep spell on any creature that has natural scales: reptiles, pangolins, fish, certain demons, dragons, etc.

Shochart’s Villainous Blue Flask: This beautiful blue glass vial seems to contain a helpful magic potion. But when the owner goes to drink it, it explodes in their hand cutting them severely.

Sunstone of Burn Prevention: When held under the tongue, this small gemstone, which has been blessed by the Fire Gods, prevents first and second degree burns.

Sword of the Parakeet:

Ungeant of the Shipwright:  Soothes, heals, and revitalizes the hands of those who are building a boat, so that the boat is completed in 2/3 of the regular time and also worth twice as much due to the quality of the construction.

Violet Ledger of The Troll: Magic book that contains: 1) A natural history of trolls and troll species; 2) Spells for controlling trolls; 3) Spells for protection against trolls.

Wallily’s Fiery Golden Egg: The size of a sparrow’s egg and plated with pure gold. When placed amongst ripe ears of corn, it makes all the kernels explode into popcorn with a deafening noise. A field up to 100’ can be affected.

Wand of Androgyny: It will be impossible for others to guess the gender of the owner because they will appear both male and female. The caster can use the wand to disguise others as well.

Wand of the Wolf

Wand of The Wolf: Has three functions. 1) Summons and commands wolves. 2) Halts, slows, or speeds up werewolf transitions. 3) The owner can howl like a wolf.

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