Worldbuilding Wednesday 12/27/23: Best of Twittersnips 2023 (Spells)


The Silkcrust recipe makes even the harshest of barbarians want to eat a whole pie.


My favorite Twittersnip spells of the year.


2023 Spells

Aflen’s Loosen Whale: Makes a whale void its bowels in the middle of the ocean, releasing any ambergris (or other items) it might have held.

Astrological Negation: Nullifies, for a set period of time, the bad aspects of the recipient’s horoscope reading. (If they don’t believe in astrology, the spell has no effect.)

Blessing of the Sea Gods: This clerical spell alleviates seasickness for the duration of any waterborne journey.

Captivity posture spell in action

Captivity Posture: The target stops moving and assumes a position where they can be easily chained or bound by the caster.

Cloud of Calming: Clerical spell that enchants a passing cloud to calm and refresh whoever it passes over. The spell lasts as long as the cleric can see it.

Consecrate Cat: Many temples have problems with mice and other vermin. This cleric spell binds a domestic feline to the holy area to take care of this problem.

Create Sphere Of Equality: Within this 10’ sphere, the levels, abilities and stats of all the characters are added together, averaging them out, making them all equal.

Dated Curse: Used as an adjunct to a regular curse spell. Lets the caster date precisely when the curse will take place.

Desire for Purity: Usable only on clerics, this spell compels them to take up an ascetic lifestyle and live as a hermit in a place far from civilization.

Ecstasy of the Pen: A spell for those who hate copying written materials, such as monks or scribes. While the spell lasts, the writer finds the task the most fulfilling, fascinating, and sensual activity they have ever experienced.

Fraternity of Odors: Allows members of the same secret sect to recognize each other by smell.

Hammer of Dionysus: Anyone hit with this hammer will not be physically injured, but become extremely drunk – “hammered” by the Greek god so to speak.

Igraine’s Irritating Debate: Makes a friendly disagreement go on and on for hours when the speakers really should be doing something else.

Indomitable Maiden

Indomitable Maiden: When cast on a young woman of 25 or under, this spell adds +1 to strength, wisdom, and constitution for its duration.

Infantry Focus: Enables a magic-user to see through the eyes of a soldier on the frontlines. A battle spell.

Lying Armament: Makes the caster appear more heavily armed than they are, or less. For example, a dagger may have the illusion of a sword, and a battle axe might appear as a stick.

Mummyball: Usable only by high-level clerics, this spell compacts a mummy into a round form the size of a soccer ball, allowing them to be kicked down the street. Note any bare flesh hit by the ball will suffer from the mummy’s rotting touch.

Passive Freezing: Makes the target freeze to death through what seems like their own bad choices, like not taking warm clothing, foolishly walking into a blizzard, etc.

Ominous Dwarf

Ominous Dwarf: Gives an aura of foreboding and menace to any dwarven character, whether they ask for it or not. Will likely scare off attackers, but also potential allies.

Red Insanity of the Wizard: Only cast on magic-users, this horrible spell makes them use their most powerful and destructive spells on their friends and comrades.

Relive Labor: Usable only on females who have given birth, this terrible spell makes them re-experience all the physical pain of that birth in real time. The component is a piece of umbilicus cord from their child.

Scroll Strengthener: A high-level spell that grants any scroll a +10 against damage from normal (non-magical) elements.

Silkcrust: Makes a pie taste especially delicious. Those serving the pie will gain a temporary increase in charisma towards the eaters.

Thoughtful Mummy

Thoughtful Mummy: Mummies aren’t known for being very smart. This spell gives them  average intelligence and compels them to ponder weighty questions about the meaning of existence.

Thrystra’s Chatty Companion: Birds of the parrot family are very sensitive and need companionship to thrive. Under this spell, imaginary friends are generated for them with which they will interact happily.

Tomb of Positive Awareness: When cast on a burial place, windows are created that let in light and any visitors will reflect on the good deeds the deceased has done. This spell is permanent.

Transform Harpy Song: Harpies are known for luring humans to death with their hypnotic song. This spell changes that song to a silly ditty that will have everyone laughing at them.

Vital Mouse: Enchants a common mouse to have an AC of 0 and five times its hit points, making it very hard to kill for the duration of the spell.

Voyage of Loneliness

Voyage of Loneliness: This powerful spell enchants a whole ship, sending it off its course to the most remote and forsaken area of the body of water it’s on.

Wand Hunter: Lets the caster locate a wand of a certain type, specified as the spell is cast. The area searched increases with each level.


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