Worldbuilding Wednesday 5/10/23: Led Zeppelin Songs

A Korean bootleg CD showing the names of the songs in Korean and English. It’s either badly translated, or the song titles are deliberately muffed to avoid copyright laws and stuff like that. If you are a real fan, you will know exactly which songs they are.

 When it comes to Led Zeppelin songs, their titles recall mostly about one thing: Blues, Blues, Blues. Unlike Beatles songs, they didn’t dabble in storytelling or psychedelia. This makes the song titles themselves not too interesting, but they’re also easy to recreate.

Maybe there’s a bootleg of these around somewhere…


Led Zeppelin Songs, what is not and what will never be

Queenie’s Got to Dance

Girl I Just Wanna Die

Four Strangers

Bad Intensity

Never Wanna Make Love Again

Desperate Days

Shook Me Proud

Fire in the Black Country

Pride Got Shaken

Guilty as Hell

Desperation in the Rain

Don’t Doubt My Share to Hold

Bad Candy

Black Blood

The Ancestry Song

Hands of Yearning

Sticky Hook

Dazed and Pitiful

Uneasy Calm

Girl I Wanna Squeeze You

Level Eyes

Bonzo’s Whiskey Underground

Winter Lovin’

Lady I Have to Wonder

Do the Dirty Walk

Warn Your Sisters

Too Shook to Eat

The Night Sea

Honey Tangerines

Brown Desert Boogie

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