Worldbuilding Wednesday 5/19/21: Beatles Songs

The Fab Four in their Western cartoon version (above) from the 1965 Saturday morning cartoon, and an Eastern version of them as Japanese manga figures, below.

One thing about the Beatles is that their song titles evolved over time. Here’s a listing from A Hard Day’s Night, released in 1964:

And then Abby Road (1969):

What a difference six years makes!

The earlier songs titles were bland and did nothing to sell their catchy melodies. Looking at the tracklists for all the albums, you can see them gradually evolving, beginning with Rubber Soul which featured “Nowhere Man,” a standout folkish tune in content as well as title, and perhaps influenced by the American rock group The Byrds. (Here’s an article detailing the number of repeated words in Beatles lyrics.)

In 1995 the three surviving Beatles collaborated to finish a vaulted 1977 John Lennon track, “Free as a Bird.” Unfortunately, this title didn’t sound as exciting as the premise behind it. What if Paul, George and Ringo had chosen a different one?

The song titles below were randomgenned from existing titles, lyrics, and subject matter in Beatles songs, and in some alternate universe, give a hint of what could have been.


Lost Beatles Songs

Lord Judas

All You Need is a Smile

Promise Up

I’m a Doctor

You’re an English Boy

The Story of My Shoe

Poor Michele Brown

Golden Castle Glass Sky

Across the Lies

Invisible Fool

Summer Yellow Garden

Darling on a Chain

Rubber Man

She’s Going to a Party

Plastic Windows

A Lamp Gently Burning

Black Onions

Everybody Gets to Ride

The Silver Screen of Prudence Penny

I’m Only Wondering

I’m Looking at Life Without You

When I’m Rich

Strawberry Snow

Black Country Diamonds

Your Plasticine Heart

Your Blues Can Walk

The Universe Shouts Across Her Lips

Country as Parliament

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