Worldbuilding Wednesday 7/3/19: Arabian Nights Tales I

Alnaschars Fortune, by William Ewart Lockhart,1879

Alnaschar’s Fortune, by William Ewart Lockhart,1879

One Thousand and One Arabian Nights is a treasure trove of literature of the fantastic. I’ve randomized its pseudo-Arabic names and places here, and the titles of the stories themselves also make for an interesting randomization stew. They stick to a simple formula of “Tale of the Something” or “Something of Something” repeating elements such as relatives preceded by a numerical designation (e.g. second sister) and characters referred to by adjective and an occupation ( the wise washer-woman.) Animals are frequently used in titles as well: peacocks, monkeys, fleas. Often they are given human attributes, Aesop’s Fables-style. Randomizing these titles for me was fun and quick.


Unwritten Arabian Nights Tales I

The Unseemly Harem of Sultan Muzhein

The Strange Voyage of Zedefren and his Parrot

The Adventures of Nevanja the Slave Girl

The Wise Hashish Eater

The Young Queen’s Story of the Pigeon and the Ogre

The Three Devout Barbers

The Tale of the Seventh Youth, Faraed, and the Apple of Darkness

The Romance of Turmash and Kishranja

The Dream of Queen Simyel

The Emir’s Grandfather and the Raucous She-Goat

The Tale of Bishera and Her Grandmother

The Pomegranate Slave Boy

The Goat, the Fish, and Sultan of Falga

The Princess Zoyana and the Young Doctors

The Tale of the She-Ghoul and Her Child

An Entry in the Journals of Sharhan the Fortune-Teller

The Sheik’s Aunt, Zariyah, and the Sparrow

The Three Tailors of El-Hahmut

Badzar and His Marvelous Palace

The Young Wife’s Trials

The Unwise Boy and the Ghoul

Adventures of a One-Legged Pilgrim

The Story of the Spinster and the Senmurv

The Lady of Haraaz and the Three Honey Jars

The Tale of King Waszrin and His Daughter

Zhuphena the Prophetess and the Invisible City of Yediz

The Lady Dirun and the Strange Pilgrim

The Devout Gem Cutter and the Clever Tray-Maker

The Mare, the Sparrow, and the Efreet

The Voyage of Sahmira the Slave Girl

Princess Esmrilla and the Cripple

The Beggar and His Pet Scorpion

The Curious Asp King

Princess Therina and the Aspiration of the Three Onions


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