Worldbuilding Wednesday, 7/5/17: More Magic

black magic masked sorceress

I was going to list some ideas for evil societies for this week, but the randomization software needs more tweaking. So here are some more random magic spells and items.


More Magic

Lamp of Grim Digging:  Enables the owner to find and dig up buried bodies quickly and easily.

Yungamel’s Levitating Unicorn:  Causes a unicorn to rise into the air for maximum of 50 feet. The unicorn can be willing or unwilling.

Pipe of Lengthy Wonderment:  A lightweight metal pipe of 1” diameter that can expand up to 20 feet and contract back again. May also be cast on the owner’s genitals to impress the ladies.

Saddle of Kicking Turmoil:  When placed on any equine, it causes the animal to go into a frenzy of kicking so nothing can sit on its back.

Incense of Sorrow:  When burned, it causes all smellers to lament loudly.

Dice of the Shape-Changer:  A very rare magic item that can range from five to twenty sides. Each side is inscribed with symbols, glyphs, numbers, or icons. When rolled, it enables the user to turn into the creature or thing depicted on that side.

Sandals of Persistence: Enables the wearer to walk all day and all night as long as they have a clear goal.

Whistle of Unseen Grease: This item is covered with an invisible greasy coating that makes it impossible to hold or blow.

The Automaton of Singing Torture:  This magical item sings so badly anyone in its presence will immediately capitulate to the owner’s demands.

Olnimea’s Squamous Bracelet:  A bracelet in the shape of a coiled snake that becomes a real snake on the owner’s command.

Scissors of Hideous Brass: Doesn’t do anything but look ugly.

The Sarcophagus of Meddlesome Bones:  When a body is buried in this, in time it becomes a skeleton that doesn’t know it is dead and keeps trying to return to the land of the living.

Rhianista’s Alluring Comb:  Makes the wearer attract flirtatious attention.

Jandchel’s Napping Quest:  A minor spell that points the caster to the perfect location for the ideal nap.

Vuatëha’s Amazing Charcoal:  A stick of dark pigment that can sketch a scene, portrait, or map on command.

Arrow of Fetid Fog:  When it hits the target, it releases a large cloud of stinky mist.

Missile of Vermin:  Creates dozens of rats, flies, termites, and fleas around any target it hits.

Bell of the Celestial Vacuum:  When rung, it creates a pocket of deep-space vacuum around the ringer. Probably hazardous to one’s health.

Snuffbox of Angry Thorns:  When any of the snuff is inhaled, it turns into hundreds of small, painful thorns that clog the victim’s nose and throat.

Beniam’s Glass Improvement:  Strengthens glass so it doesn’t shatter.

Book of the Blue Chameleon:  A magic book long thought to be lost.

Yunöbalin’s Accursed Tentacles:  Causes strong green tentacles to appear out of nowhere and grab the target.

Oiramusa’s Opal Lightning:  Looks like a regular lightning bolt, but is attractively colored in glimmering pastel hues.

Ledger of the Unwashed Glove:  No one knows what this book, purportedly owned by Sir Churnus Of Chivekettle, contains.

Skeleton Key of Gibbering:  When put in a lock, this key gibbers uncontrollably, attracting unwanted attention.


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