Worldbuilding Wednesday 7/5/23: From the Spellbook of the White Witch (Narnia XLII)

Four AI depictions of how terrifying the White Witch could be. Note Midjourney V5.2 is still having some problems with digits.

In The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, the White Witch (Jadis) demonstrates several magical powers that show her might: she can disguise herself and her servants as inanimate objects, can summon evil supernatural creatures and cause them to do her bidding, and control the weather to the point where Winter reigns in Narnia for a century. She also has a powerful magic item: a wand that turns living beings into stone. Even if she had no more magic than this, she is quite powerful.

But I am sure she had more. Here’s a glimpse of them, available for fanfic if you write it.


The White Witch’s Spells and Magic Items

Bitter Massif: Created a snowstorm on top of a mountain that would sweep down into the valleys below. Instrumental in the witch’s conquest of Narnia.

Breakfast of Water: To torture her prisoners the witch used this spell. Captives were  given only a pan of water a day for sustenance, but it contained all the nutrients to keep them healthy and alive.

Cape of The Sabretooth: One of the witch’s most prized garments, made from the pale, tawny skin of one of these great felines of the north. The fangs of the cat were worked into two ivory clasps to hold the cape closed. The very sight of it inspired a primal fear in all of Narnia’s animals.

Chamberbracken: When the witch wanted to punish some poor creature she would cast this spell on their dwelling, which caused it to be filled with weeds and thorns.

Flattering Ballad: The witch cast this spell on musicians so they would sing her praises and deeds of accomplishment. Unfortunately, in the time of the Long Winter, humans and nymphs had long left her kingdom, leaving her with the less than tuneful warblings of the dwarves.

Maropher’s Advanced Kraken Summoning: The witch used this spell only once, during a state visit by her to the Lone Isles. It summoned a giant kraken from the depths to pull her ship, as she had no human sailors.

Nose of Salt: Used to punishment the disobedient, this spell made them feel their face had shoved nose-first into a bowl of salt crystals and kept there until they were almost unconscious.

Petrification until Approval: Often the witch cast this spell on the statues she made with her wand, releasing their petrification when a certain condition was met. It was common knowledge  underlings who displeased her were petrified and posted as guards, coming back to life only if intruders entered their area.

Scroll of Collection: The witch collected her taxes and other tributes with the aid of this device. It looks like a tightly rolled scroll. On her command, it opened out so the oppressed could deposit their coins or other small treasures on the parchment. The scroll then rolled up again and flew back to its owner.

Winter Smoke Ring: Creates a hovering, freezing ring of misty vapor that encircles an opponent and wraps them tightly, chilling them so badly they can’t move.

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