Worldbuilding Wednesday 3/15/23: Cults

Cults can be amusing, or terrifying. The quintet of fellows above date from the early 1970s, members of a West Coast cult called The Source that even had its own rock group, of which they might be the members (or perhaps Doug Henning wannabees?) Note their similarity in costume to pictures of Aleister Crowley done up in his high-priest-of-Osiris garb.

Crowley, of course, was the Platonic ideal of a religious cult leader, being a notable member of the The Order of the Golden Dawn.

Image searching through a similarity of costume then led me to these guys, members of a 1970s rock band called Angel.

Known as the Anti-Kiss, Angel always wore white on stage and sported the longest, most luxurious hair of any 1970s metal band and also the prettiest, poutingest looks. But having no hits, they faded into obscurity. They do look like members of some fringe religion, though!

Want to create your own cult? Here’s some names.


Cult Names

The Thoughtful Lotus

Hegemony of Apotheosis

Conclave of Mute Lamentation

Covenant of Love

Lucid Travelers

The Winged Oracle

The Ivory Chrysanthemum

Sanctum of the Golden Apple

Youth of Free Spirit

Commune of Fortune

Order of Primal Pleasure

The Silent Gauntlet

Elders of the White Scarab

Peace of the Lamp

Circle of Healing

Institute of Heaven

Numinous Brethren

Earthbound Contemplators

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