The Lady of the Green Kirtle:
Sisters in Green

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Absinthe, the Green Fairy, by Nadine Dennis

Now that I’ve established The Lady of the Green Kirtle has Green Fairy lineage, I thought it would be fun to look at some of her cousins, the Green Fairies interpreted by contemporary artists.

These images range from sinisterly playful to semi-pornographic, fueled by the popular depiction of absinthe-the-drink from the 1880s on. These Green Fairies are not as calculating and cultured as The Lady of the Green Kirtle, but are just as seductive and deadly. The artist can portray them with an arch sense of humor, or a sloppy inebriated one.

The above image surrounds the winged fairy with absinthe leaves, and she holds a glass of the stuff.  Her dress is falling off her shoulders, perhaps with drunkeness.

Lair of the Absinthe Fairy, by Laurie Lee Brom

This female is more tough broad than fairy as she pours a poisonous glowing drink and stares straight at the viewer. Like Lewis’ witch, she is blonde.

The Absinthe Fairy, by Laurie Lee Brom

A more gleeful fairy by the same artist in the same pose, plump-faced like the Art Nouveau poster models. She’s got the hooded eyes of a Silent Movie siren.

This fleshy cartoonish fairy is slowly dissolving herself in the absinthe drink to bewitch someone.

Absinthe Fairy by Lucas Graciano

This Green Fairy as Lady of Death, going by all the skulls. She’s living in a forest of dead trees.

Another inebriated fairy, joyfully slobbering up the water sweetened by the sugar cube.  Her wings are sprigs of artemisia leaves.

Art by Olivier Ledroit

This kinky creature is Olivier Ledroit’s work. I’ve actually stayed away from most of the “traditional” winged fairy girl depictions, because they tend to look more like Harley Quinnesque bad girl tartlets. But this one is interesting, if only for her utter lack of passion and leather bondage getup.

Artwork by Jehan Choo

A very pickled fairy actually living in the bottle!

Illustration by Jessica Oyhenart

This Green Fairy is a Belle Epoque vamp rising from the bottle’s fumes.

And now, what all that absinthe does to you…

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