The Many Faces of the White Witch – Part III

I’m going to round out these posts with some depictions that, while they don’t depict the White Witch, would make very nice White Witches.

The first would-be witch is the Winter Carnival Snow Queen. These depictions are common in the English theater form known as the Pantomime, or panto for short. Pantomimes are usually performed during the winter holiday season. The character is also available for hire to entertain at holiday parties or fetes. The lady above, if she had a sterner expression, would do Jadis proud.

What all the above have in common is that the costumes are made to appreciated in close quarters, and it’s the performer’s responsibility to bring the character to life. But sometimes all the performer just has to do is simply be decorative, or march in a procession.

There’s a subset of the Goth community called White Goth whose models, with their stark black-and-white aesthetic, would make novel White Witches for a modern production.


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