Worldbuilding Wednesday 4/8/20:The Best of Twittersnips (Potions)

the love potion, by evelyn de morgan

The Love Potion by Evelyn de Morgan

Potions are essential for RPG fantasy gaming. They’re like a Get Out of Jail Free card, useful for a player in dire circumstances to cheat fate by teleporting themselves away from a foe or healing fatal damage. But they can also do other things.

From my twitter feed, some favorites I created. “Potion” refers to anything liquid or semi-liquid that can be carried on one’s person.


Magic Potions

Captain Astrit’s Dark Rum: Often found in pirate dens, this drink causes an alignment change to pure evil as long as the imbiber remains intoxicated.

Dawncream: When rubbed on the user’s face, it makes them feel as if they have just woken from a good night’s sleep.

Distillation of the Dragon: This very rare potion can substitute for any dragon body part (scales, fangs, etc.) that is an ingredient in magic. It has no effects when drunk.

Infusion of Wholesome Sweating: Potion that lets the drinker experience the benefits of sitting in a steambath for an hour.

Potion of Endless Dallying: When ingested, this cursed potion makes the drinker needlessly delay whatever action they next take.

Potion of Marvelous Fangs: The drinker’s canine teeth become two four-inch fangs for the duration of the spell. Can also be used to reduce the length of longer fangs.

Potion of Slow Teleportation: Teleports the caster from one place to another, but with a time delay. Cheaper to make than regular teleportation potions and useful for non-urgent situations.

Thanamierto’s Water of Dwarf Stamina: Gives the drinker the constitution of a dwarf for 12 hours.

Thorska’s Elixer of Healthy Elimination: Useful when one is constipated.

Tincture of Lightning: Magical potion containing the essence of a lightning flash. When uncorked, the flash re-occurs in the immediate area.


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