Worldbuilding Wednesday 3/4/20:The Best of Twittersnips (Magic Weapons)

Ehhh… it was okay.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of AD&D and similar games are all the magical weapons a player can use. At first level, you might be lucky, as a fighter character, to gain a +1 magic sword, axe, or dagger; as you progress, the weapons become more dangerous and exotic. At higher levels, you’re sporting Vorpal blades, Flametongue swords, and Holy Avengers. There are also cursed weapons that might make you cut off your own foot.

Culled from my twitter feed over the last three years, here are some favorites I created.


Magic Weapons

Arrow of Unity: When this item is brandished up high, all who see it will join together in a common cause, no matter what their previous goal or alignment was. It can only be used once.

Axe of Heartfelt Defense: This axe has no special attack or defense properties, but when the user wields it, they will be totally emotionally invested.

Bow of Adder Attack: Arrows shot with this weapon will turn into poisonous snakes when they reach their target.

Dagger of Angelic Defense: May only be used by evil beings in defense, not attack. Angels have an AC class of 10 regarding this weapon.

Dagger of Mangling: Not only kills an enemy, but mangles them beyond recognition.

Knife of Splitting Blows: Lets the wielder split one knife attack against two targets.

Mace of Berserk Slaying: Works as a +1 mace a few times, then makes the owner go berserk, killing everything in sight.

Sword of Spanking: Gives a +5 to attacks with the flat on a foe’s bare buttocks.


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