Worldbuilding Wednesday 11/13/19: Steampunk Characters

gender-reversed Victorian couple

Here’s something you don’t see every day: a gender-reversed Victorian couple!

Steampunk as a genre got its start with The Difference Engine and The Diamond Age, both set in a alternate world Victorian England. So, it bears to follow that Steampunk characters have English language names that were popular during that time. There are no hippy names like Rainbow or Phoenix in Steampunkland, and neither are there Jasons and Jennifers, Ryders and Reillys. It’s all very very Anglo and to modern ears a bit stuffy.

There’s some steampunk fiction using non-Western settings, like India orJapan, but for the average Western reader the antique luster of the names is not readily apparent. To a native of that land they would be, so I advise asking one for advice should you be writing in that setting.

Here’s a list of randomly generated names for English-speaking Western-oriented steampunk. As many steampunk characters are adventurers, inventors, or nobility of a sort, I included titles.


Steampunk Characters (Western World)


Millicent Flora Lesshe

Sister Edna Ulska

Luisa Rachel Isfield

Miss Samantha Clothmeadow

Theodosia Ann Sinclair

Epona Lovar Hollylock

Dr. Anthea Leergold

Mary Vandermilk

Thea Saltwold

Lady Eglantine Norwood

Professor Iphigenia Westley

Ada Mabel Gutch


Sir Ronald Answith

Zachariah Willows

Fletcher Phillip Lectrostan

Commodore Trajian Telljoy

Captain Simon Lexhart

Alonzo Brass Angel

Hillary Poorgarden

Ensign Lucius Lovebloom

Morris Wyckant

Professor Atticus Edgar Hoosier

Constable Reginald Bloodnought

Israel Alexander Woolson


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