Worldbuilding Wednesday 6/12/19: Coffee Blends

When visiting Seattle, be sure to bring back some of its endemic coffee roasts.

Coffee in Seattle is big business. Small roasters abound, creating their own special mixes and blends. I give name suggestions for those coffee houses here, and as for the specialties they offer, why not one of these randomly generated ones?


Coffee Blends

Sunny Aztec

Down Under Midnight

Mountain Eden

Southeast Cascade

Sunrise Diplomat

Lazy Southern River

Northern Lights Bright

Tanzanian Dinner Blend

Vienna Smooth

Somali Sand Castle

Brazilian Bikini Blend

Portuguese Tapas Iced Coffee

Brazilian Smoke

Lounge Car Extra Dark

Rise n’ Shine Country Morning

Christmas Sweetheart

Typhoon Dark

West Coast Medium

Ngorongoro Community House

Outback Smooth

Misty Morning Mountain Hop

Gobleki Tepi Super Rich

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