Worldbuilding Wednesday 2/20/19: Coffee Houses

Cuppa angst, anyone?

The inhabitants of Seattle drink more coffee than in any other American city, and we also boast more independent coffee houses than other American city. The trend began when Starbucks opened its first store in Pike Place Market in 1971, and really began to take off in the late 1980s and early 1990s.  As a person I was more into tea than coffee when I first moved here, but that all changed when I chose an espresso machine as a Boeing employee commendation gift, and I’ve never looked back.

My personal favorites over the years include the Meowtropolitan Cafe, where one can drink and spend time with adult cats in a kitty wonderland jungle gym, and Sip and Ship where you can drink and mail packages at the same time. I was also fond of Ventoux Coffee, which had a pop-up trailer near a local secondhand store specializing in 1960s Scandinavian household furnishings whose owner taught my dog to dance for snacks.  The Couth Buzzard used bookstore on Greenwood boasts a coffee bar in addition to books and a community jam space. Alas, Espresso Dental further down the arterial doesn’t offer coffee anymore, just tooth whitening services, which perhaps is sorely needed.

Do you need a name for a coffee shop where your characters like to hang out… as in FriendsCentral Perk? Here are a randomgenned few.

Coffee Houses

The Brew Zoo

Hoppin’ Mocha

Coffee Shark

Café Retro

Mosh to Midnight

Grindhouse Kitten

Java Sisters

Cup Town

Grounds for Buzz



Perky Express

Parlor Espresso

Bean Alert

Island Buzz

Coffee Dutchman

Coffee Dragon

Shambala Bean

The Good Morning Bus

Retro Roast

Espresso Plantation

The Xtreme Bean


Java Bird

Coffee Jock

Eden Roast

The Double Shot Room

Village Brew

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