Santa Horror

Since the 18th century, when images of Santa Claus began to be disseminated through newspapers, books, and periodicals, his appearance has changed quite a bit. Often those earlier depictions are a tad grotesque, as much for what was considered appealing at the time as the skill of the artist and the means of reproduction. When we think of Santa today we most often we see the merry, rotund red-suited Coca Cola version, but earlier Santas were more often than not dour, sour-looking Father Christmases or squinty-eyed laughing demons.  Often, too, the ravages of time or neglect change a once-jolly Santa into something pathetic and sinister.

Scary Santa Doll. Photo by Bob Baltz.

Someone give this pathetic, threadbare Santa a hearty meal.

Coin-eating iron bank Santa.

Santa mannequin with 1970s old-man glasses, the worse for wear after many Christmases past.

Slant-eyed demonic Santas are not to be trusted.

Not my idea of Christmas fun.

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